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A Long Awaited Return to the Woods - Year 6

Submitted by tawnyowl on Sunday, May 2, 2021 - 09:53

Year 6 were very excited to be returning to the woods this week. Due to a technical hitch, we did not have the i-pad on Wednesday so there are no photos of Holly Group, but we will make sure there are plenty next week.

Tawny Owl had been pleased to receive an email from Siena and Ben over the holiday containing a list of the types of activities the group wanted to experience. It was interesting to note, they were keen to revisit some of the activities and games they had enjoyed in previous years.

Both groups began with poetry - Bluebells from The Lost Words; this created good discussion with both groups about the imagery used by Robert Macfarlane. 

This week was spent having another attempt at fire striking and using a variety of tools.

Wren and Tawny Owl enjoyed cooking lunch over the fire for Fawn, which some of Chestnut Group also enjoyed as there was plenty to go around. 

Have a look at the video to see what Chestnut Group got up to - we were very busy.

Both Groups expressed a wish to play the Blindfold Game, so we discussed how we could play the game, in order to ensure Covid regulations were followed. One of the children suggested they all bought their own blindfolds (buffs, or scarves perhaps), so don't forget them next week!! Watch out for the pics.

Both groups were clear about which activities they wished to complete next week - Holly Group wanted to make shelters and use bigger tools (bow saws), while Chestnut Group wish to continue with their whittling projects (many are making a skulk of foxes), and also to cook bread. So much to look forward to.



Year 4 - Blobsters and Shelters

Submitted by tawnyowl on Saturday, March 27, 2021 - 10:48

 Year four enjoyed another 2 wonderful days in the woods this week. 

What a busy time they had!

There were two noteable nature observations which caused Tawny Owl much excitement this week: on Wednesday morning, she heard her first Chiff-Chaff of the year, and on Thursday a Brimstone butterfly.

Both groups enjoyed a beautiful poem to begin their day: Hornbeam Group heard Tawny Owl reading 'Silent Song' by Roger Stevens while each holding a small, smooth pebble to help with their reflections about the poem. All participants were quite moved by the poem. Alder Group went out into the woods to find themselves a feather to hold while listening to the poem 'If you Find A Little Feather' by Beatrice Schenk de Regniers (both poems taken from the Anthology 'I Am The Seed That Grew The Tree', which has a nature poem for each day of the year).

Hornbeam group then spent much of the day creating blobsters and blobster shelters. 

Alder Group enjoyed playing together in small groups, creating small world scenes out of mud, moss and sticks, as well as fire striking and tool work (making Duck Callers which was a great follow up to their Science topic on Sound). It was wonderful to hear the voices of some of the children who would normally be quiet in the classroom, expressing themselves with delight and excitement.

It was a joy to see the children relaxing into the activities this week - undoubtably the warmer weather contributing to creating a more relaxed feeling to the sessions. The children moved further away from the adults, allowing them to also enjoy the activities themselves.

Thank you Cuckoo for again creating the video...and to Wren, Bumble Bee, Blossom and Nuthatch for modelling such amazing Blobsters and shelters for the children to gather ideas from.


Year 4 - Back in the Woods

Submitted by tawnyowl on Thursday, March 18, 2021 - 17:28

Year four have now had a couple of days back in the woods.

They have very much enjoyed their experience. Last week, they were newly back to school after Lockdown and were so happy to be playing with their friends again. Indeed the adults heard the children on several occasions express how pleased they were to be allowed to play again. Interestingly the children stayed quite close and didn't wander too far. 

However, this week, they were so settled again - they went much further away from the adults and enjoyed taking part in some of the activties on offer. They tried fire striking (and then if they were successful they toasted a marshmallow over their little fires. Some made Duck Callers out of Elder Wood.

So much learning went on; learning about the science of fire, fire safety, properties and changes in materials, identifying trees and birds.

Hornbeam group heard a poem about Wrens and Alder group had a poem about crows. Both groups discussed their emotions at the end - considering what they had enjoyed or become excited about and what might have caused them disappointment. 

have a look at the video and look at the concentration  and enjoyment on their faces.

It is wonderful to be back.

Thank you Cuckoo for putting the video together.