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PTFA Money


Each year the money raised by parents is spent in consultation with Mrs Roberts, the teaching staff and in line with the School Improvement Plan (SIP). We work very closely with the school to ensure everything we spend is agreed with them in advance and also endeavour to stick to our PTFA Constitution. I think you’ll agree that the time and effort of the PTFA and all parents benefits all our children and enhances their school experience.

Summary of Accounts 2018-19

If you have any questions regarding the summary please email

On behalf of the school I would like to thank you the parents for all your generous contributions and particlarly the PTFA for all your hard work, energy and enthusiasm. Raising over £20,000 last year is absolutely incredible! Please see below information relating to this years fund raising.

Mrs Roberts.

Adjusted for   accruals and ringfenced items
Bank Balance at 29/08/19   £8,332.67
Eco Kids    
Uncleared bankings £1,225.00  
Total Income   £1,225.00
Uncleared Cheques  £(326.58)  
Total Payments   £(326.58)
Balance at 29/08/19   £9,231.09
Opening Balance   £9,231.09
Cash   £55.85
Cash balance @ 29/08/19   £9,286.94
Iminent agreed spend or spent   already but not invoiced:    
Cash balance after agreed   spend:   £9,286.94
Ringfenced items:    
Godly Playroom - Mental   wellbeing room/playspace by the pond £5,000.00  
Contribution to Science   Trolley's £3,100.00  
Contrubution to Accelerated   Reader Programme £2,500.00  
Playground markings (100   square / times table square) £2,000.00  
Forest School resources  £2,000.00  
Whole School Pantomine   Contribution £1,500.00  
Reception Role Play Corner -   Wooden equipment £1,500.00  
Lockers for outside Year 5   & 6 (to be paid asap) £1,500.00  
Trip Contributions (£200 per   class) £1,400.00  
Toilet refurbs (mirrors &   pictures) £1,000.00  
Art Council money to be spent   on music equipment £502.96  
Tennis Stack 2018 - to be   spent on sports equipment £422.00  
Teachers to spend from   teacher tombola  £249.25  
Cake Sale money  £94.24  
Licence to use hall  £10.00  
Total Ringfenced Items for   which funds need to be available   £(22,778.45)
Cash Balance after ringfenced   items deducted:    £(13,491.51)