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Curriculum Overview

Our  aim is to provide varied and progressive opportunities for children to become reflective, independent, positive and resilient learners with high aspirations. We strive for them to make positive contributions to their community and globally: To be responsible and show courage through their actions and their leadership. 

We recognise that we need to develop learners that have acquired a fluency of knowledge complemented with  skills that are progressive and consistent across all subjects. As a result, our children make strong progress across the whole curriculum. 

We want all our children to be adventurous within a safe and supportive environment; this manifests in many different ways.  Whether in our Forest School, on the sportsfield, performing on stage, to taking risks in their academic learning, we want our children to be curious, committed and courageous in all that do and wherever possible move beyond their ‘comfort zone.’  The enriched experiences at Goudhurst  provide children with the necessary life skills to be confident and successful.

We want every Goudhurst & Kilndown primary pupil leaving us feeling fully prepared, confident and happy to tackle any challenge that comes our way within our ever changing and connected world.

Our staff constantly review and improve our Curriculum Matrix and we use a Google 'mini-site' to capture learning.  Parents are able to access this and understand the progressive skills and knowledge that their children are learning for that term; this is key to building the school-parental partnership, leading to successful learning. 

- the National Curriculum framework and programmes of study for the subjects can be viewed here.