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    Meet Lillian our attendance bear awarded each week to the class with the highest attendance.

Your child's attendance at school is important to us.  Having a higher than average attendance rate is one of our goals and its important to us because we can't teach your child if they are not in school!  To encourage attendance we have a weekly award for the class with the highest rate of attendance overall and we award termly certificates and end of year medals for children for their personal achievement.  We understand that young children do fall ill and there are times when they are too poorly to come to school and our attendance target for the children does allow for illness. If your child is ill and unable to attend school it is important that you contact the School Office before 9am to advise us of the reason for their absence and their expected date of return.

I am delighted to report that our excellent attendance has been sustained.  We finished the year again on 97.1%. The challenge is for us to improve on this figure next year.   Well done everyone!   

To help us meet our attendance targets, we request that where possible parents arrange routine appointments such as dentist and opticians outside of school hours.  We appreciate however that where children are booked under specialists at hospitals for short term or ongoing health concerns that these appointments may well fall in the school day and if this does happen we would ask that your child attends for part of the day if at all possible.  

Family holidays and time off school during term time are not permitted unless in exceptional circumstances and the headteacher may instigate the Kent County Council's penalty system if a child misses school due to absences which are unauthorised. The school's term dates for the current academic year and the Kent County Council academic calendar are available on our website to help families plan their holidays.  

If your child regularly misses school and their attendance rate is low we have a responsibility to inform the School Liaison Officer who will work with your family to ensure attendance is improved.

For more information on our Attendance Policy please click here.

Based on the local B2B attendance data, our school’ overall attendance rate was among the very best in the country. In other words, our school’s attendance rate was at the top quintile of Ofsted attendance performance measurement. I recently received this message from the Head of the School Attendance Service Dr Ming Zhang:

"I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you and your staff for this excellent achievement. I am sure that behind such an outstanding attendance performance there is hard work carried out by all staff as well as a strong support from parents and whole school community.

Thank you and the school staff for the commitment and the hard work in ensuring an excellent attendance rate."  Click here to see our attendance tracker.