Goudhurst & Kilndown Church of England Primary School


Pewter, Popcorn & a Premiere

 In their penultimate session of the year, Hornbeam Group learnt the art of casting using pewter. Patience & precision were keen as they melted the precious alloy ingots in a crucible over the fire & then quickly poured it into their moulds. Delight & pride radiated from their faces as they slipped their cooled creations from their clay cases. 

Meanwhile, child-initiated activities included a clay production line, leafy tricks and snuggling with a good book up a tree. 

Alder Group will have to wait until their final session for pewter casting (all fingers crossed for dry weather) as we need to order more pewter! Ever positive, many of the group decided to create a film premiere to accompany their popcorn snack. The group worked together to create a Christmas story complete with action, adventure, and villainy, where ultimately friendship won.

Child initiated activities involved a game of capture the flag, clay making, finding bouncy-horse trees and lots and lots of laughter!