Goudhurst & Kilndown Church of England Primary School


At Goudhurst & Kilndown, we follow the 'Power Maths' programme to teach mathematics.   

We believe that all children, who are introduced to a concept, should have the opportunity to build on their abilities, in small progressive steps, through variation using a concrete-pictorial-abstract approach.

  • Concrete – children should have the opportunity to use concrete objects to help them understand what they are doing.

  • Pictorial – alongside this children should use pictorial representations. These representations can then be used to help reason and solve problems.

  • Abstract – both concrete and pictorial representations should support children’s understanding of abstract methods.

Increasing Fluency

In addition, we strongly believe that subitising, number bond and time-tables are at the heart of number fluency and reduce cognitive load when children progress through the Inspire programme.  We therefore promote and celebrate children’s engagement with both the following programmes:

EYFS/KS1 - Numbots:   Developing automatic recall & conceptual understanding of addition and subtraction, through gamification and use of multiple representations

KS1 & KS2 - Timestable Rockstars:   Developing automatic recall of times tables and division inverse.  


Calculation Progression