Goudhurst & Kilndown Church of England Primary School

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Welcome to Class 2 Kudus





Welcome to Year 2 Kudus! The children in Year 2 at Goudhurst and Kilndown are now at the top of Key Stage 1. The children are encouraged to enjoy learning more independently as they prepare for their transition to KS2.

This year the children who arrive in September as emergent readers and writers often begin to fly with these skills, and we celebrate all achievement, however small. The children take it in turns to begin to take responsibility for important roles within the school, such as being on the School Council, Eco Rep, etc as well as specific roles within our class. One of the ways we learn is by talking (and listening!) so we have talking partners we sit next to to share the learning ideas and have conversations about what we are learning, it can really help children think about what they are learning.

We swap talking partners and seating positions every week so that all the children take turns to learn and sit with all the children in the class. The children are encouraged to develop their views and opinions in Year 2. They will carry out many more tasks without the assistance of adults (such as book changing) and we aim to build positivity and resilence, as well as begin to understand our school values of curiosity, courage, compassion and commitment as well as my personal favourite: kindness.