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Giraffe News

Mental Health Workshop with Captain Wonder Web

Planning Algorithms and Creating Codes to make letters



Understanding Particles in Solids, liquids and gases

Pop Up Christmas Cards

Jingle Bells

Please see below for our rendition of  Jingle Bells on the Glockenspiel, there are two videos so that all the children got to play and sing!





17.11.2023: ROMAN DAY

We immersed ourselves in Roman life today. We studied and replicated Roman mosaic, we developed our understanding of the beauty and craftmanship behind Roman mosaics and how they still be appreciated today in many buildings across Europe. We also developed our knowledge how the Romans built their famous roads. We used food products to really build our understanding. We discussed how the Romans built roads fit to last and for purpose. We then embarked on a treasure hunt that meant we had to use our mathematical knowledge to convert numbers to Roman numerals.



DT Morning: Creating Our Pop Up Books

This morning we have been busy creating our pop up books. Each of us used our designs to create the pop up book and included a pop up on each page using different methods. 




Computing: Spreading False Information

Today we did a quick game of 'Wilford Whispers' to develop our understanding of how easy it is for false information to be curated and spread quickly.



Indoor Football with Mrs Mileham

We practiced our goal shooting and scoring today in a game of 'MilehamBall'. We even played an adapted version where we could not use our legs. This was to enhance our knowledge of how sports can be adapted to suit children with disabilities. 



History Homework: Roman Legacies

We shared our History homework today, we have been researching what the Romans did and have left behind that have an impact on Britain today.

Here is a video of us at the height of sharing our work. 


 Here is a piccollage of us sharing our work: 

Here are some examples of our homework: 

In Art this week:

FAB First Aid Workshop

Today we learnt how to do CPR in case of an emergency. We also learnt what to do if someone is; choking, bleeding or burnt. We have also learnt important numbers for the emergency services. 

Our Learning This Week. W.C: 2.10.2023 

Co-Written by Rosie T and Finn S

This week, in computing we learnt about the World Wide Web. We learnt that creators own the content on websites and we are writing this blog because we are learning how to add content to a website.

Some of us went to Bethany School to do our NOLA activities. We played 'cross the lava' using hoops, we used blindfolds to navigate between spots with a partner. Some of us went to the Rawlinson Run and some of us stayed in school and we learnt how to play parts of Mamma Mia on the glockenspiel. Please check out our video below!

We love our sports and on Monday we went swimming. We learnt how to swim using the butterfly technique, we did diving and straight into a swim for a length from the deep end to the shallow end. In PE with Mrs Mileham, we did football and we practiced our stop and control and attacking skills. We then got to practice our goal shooting!

In Reading, Finn performed the poem 'Chocolate Cake' by Michael Rosen and we discussed how he  brings humour to his poetry. 

In Science, we learnt about magnetism and magnetic force and how a magnet has two poles - the north pole and the south pole. We learnt that opposite poles will always attract but the same poles will repel. 

Check out our blog next week to find out what we have been up to!

...and then there were seven!

Whilst some of the class went to NOLA and some went off to the Rawlinson Run, seven of us got together to play the opening of Mamma Mia on the glockenspiel!



2.10.2023: What we learnt at Swimming!

Year 3, 4 and 5 Rocket Launch (Science)



Year 4 Cheer Work Shop 25.9.23