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Maths at Home: Inspire Maths & MyMaths

Inspire Maths

In school we use Inspire Maths to encourage a deep and flexible understanding of Mathematical concepts:

  • Each unit in ‘Inspire Maths’ includes suggestions for how parents may support learning at home
  • Class teachers can explore children’s maths practice books with parents during Parental Consultation meetings . This will include discussions about the methods that the children are learning and how to support children at home.
  • Workshops will take place for parents wishing to find out more information about the maths that their children will be learning that year, and how to support at home.


From September 2018, all children will have free access to the online platform MyMaths, at school and at home.

MyMaths will directly support to Inspire Maths learning done at school; consolidation of learning and helping to build skills in areas such as problem solving and reasoning.

Children will be given able to access MyMaths from home and will be given specific login details.  On a weekly basis, children will be 'set' homework by their teacher and when complete, the teacher is able to monitor progress and identify misconceptions in learning, which can then be addressed in school.

Devices without Flash (eg IPad, IPhone etc):  Please note that many modules of MyMaths are Flash based and will not work with Apple IOS and some Android devices .  There is a way around this problem - download Puffin Academy App.  See this MyMaths article for more detail.

 To install Puffin onto IPad etc, see this video below: