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In brief...

We have five Houses in our school which are named after locally important, historic houses:  Bedgebury, Finchcocks, Glassenbury, Pattenden and Scotney.  Each child joins a House when they start school in Reception Class and siblings are put into the same House.  Each House has two captains: a boy and girl from Year 6 and a vice-captain: a boy or a girl from Year 5.


In more detail...

The House name, motto and colour of each House are shown below:



Captain Vice Captain


Super Scotney are the best, blues the colour we can beat the rest!

Minty Sargeant
Freddie Croft

Demi Barker


Purple, powerful Pattenden perform a perfect partnership

Piers Arscott
Katie Brush

Charlotte Stock


The Green Community Team

Elie Chapman
Alfie Russell

Aidan Brown


We care, we share, we're fabulous Finchcocks

Michael Mercer
Tillie Hinde

Joe Pentacost


Yellow, amazing, awesome stars together

Henty Farren
Mia Fitz

Ben Wilkins

Our House Captains and Vice Captains make up our School Council and their role in this is to canvass and consult with the children in their house on school issues.  The School Council also lead some assemblies.