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Curriculum Outlines

The National Curriculum has been recently revised and updated and came into effect for all schools in September 2014.  We teach the National Curriculum through a "creative curriculum" linked to Topics.  To learn about the curriculum, the topics for your child's class and what they are learning each week you can:

- read a Parents' Guide to the Natonal Curriculum here.  
- print a black and white version of this guide for Class 5 here.
- see a graphical overview of the curriculum for Class 5 here (this is A3 size so set print scaling to 50% to print on A4 page)
- view the "topics" on the Termly Topic Plan menu option on the left
- look at "This Week's Learning" each week (published on the website every Monday morning)

- read the curriculum progression guide for English.  More information about Inspire Maths, a Singaporian Mastery approach to teaching, can be viewed on our Maths page

Please bear in mind that the "Parents' guides" are generic documents for the national curriculum which all schools follow.  In some cases our school has re-organised the curriculum slightly so there may be minor differences but on the whole the above documents are reflective of the teaching and learning in our school.  If you have any questions please speak to your child's teacher.