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Welcome to Class 5 Zebras

Welcome to Zebra class!

This term we will be exploring the life and works of William Shakespeare. We will incorporate this into our topic and writing sessions. We will spend a lot of our time working on drama, in preparation for a large production. In Novemeber, the entire class will be participating in the Shakespeare School's Festival, producing and performing our interpretation of 'Twelfth Night'.

We also have a large focus on Geography this term, particularly exploring the world around us and its extreme weather...even creating our own weather reports!

Our science topic this term will be exploring Physics, focussing primarily on light. The children will be preparing and conducting investigations, making predictions, recording data and evaluating their work...all following the Empiribox programme. 

Our art and design sessions this term explore 'Great Artists Through Time', identifying the work of 6 influential and famous artists and creating our own interpretations, building up to a large masterpiece which we present at an art gallery this Christmas. 

Finally, the children spend lots of time exploring outdoor learning, taking every opportunity to explore our local environment. We also head off for a three day residential trip to Swattenden, seeking indepedence, stepping out of our comfort zones and exploring new activities.