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Intended Learning WC 30.10.17

Class R Hippos
For week beginning: 30th October 2017
Class Messages

Welcome back. I do hope you had a restful half term break. I have been looking forward to seeing the children and introducing them to this terms theme 'Space & Superheroes'. Please look at the topic web on the class webpage to find out more, but rest assured this theme always engages the children to the fullest. We will have a 'Space & Superheroes' dress-up day at some point in the term so here's the warning sirens for you to start thinking about getting a costume together for your child.

Over half term, I came in to school and transformed the indoor roll-play area into a rocket. If you have any items/objects at home that lend themselves to this topic and you are in the position to lend/give them to us to use in the roll-play area we will gratefully receive them. Equally, if you have precious items that you are happy for the children to see (but maybe not touch) then we would be very pleased to show them to the children on your behalf.

PPA: My PPA time now swaps from a Tuesday morning to a Tuesday afternoon so Mrs Mileham will continue to teach the children PE and RE on a Tuesday afternoon.

This week we have a PTFA non-school uniform day on Friday (donations for 'hook-a-bag' please)

Phonics & Maths Workshop -  I would like to invite you to come and join me for a session all about foundation stage Phonics and Maths. Over the last few years these sessions have been well received and parents have commented on how useful the sessions have been with helping them understand how their children learn phonics and maths and to support their learning at home. The date I am putting forward is Tuesday 21st Nov 8:50am-9:50am in the school hall (although this date may be subject to change) Tea, coffee and biscuits of course will be there to help you through this intensive session :)


This week, children are exploring length and height, using the language associated with comparing and measuring. Children also begin to explore capacity using the terminology ʻemptyʼ, ʻhalf fullʻ and ʻfullʼ. They compare the capacities of different containers and explore capacities through play. We will blend this into our learning about 'Space & Superheroes' by measuring different size rockets, and using space-slime to measure capacity.

Suggested home learning

Capacity - put an array of containers in the bath for your child to play with at bath-time. Talk with them about how much water each container holds. Challenge your child to order the containers from fullest to emptiest.

Length - measure eachothers height at home (pencil mark against the door frame) even measure the house pet if you have one! Children will struggle with the concept of cm and m, but certainly talk about who is the tallest, shortest etc.

Phonics and Literacy

This week's sounds are diagraphs (2 letters that make one sound)

oa - Bring hand over mouth as if something terrible has happened and say oh!

ie - Stand to attention and salute, saying ie, ie.

ee - Put hands on head as if ears on a donkey. Move them up as you say the ee in eeyore, eeyore.

or - Put hands on head as if ears on a donkey. Move them up down as you say the or in eeyore, eeyore.!

Writing focus: With Diwali just past, and Fireworks night approaching, children will learn about celebrations and why they are important to us and other cultures. Children will listen to the story of Guy Fawkes and will work to re-tell and sequence the story. They will attempt writing words using onomatopoeia (such as 'pop, bang, whizz, crackle etc) To support the children listening to the sounds in words we use our 'phoneme fingers'. Children will put one finger up to represent each sound they hear in a word. For instance; pop has three sounds: p/o/p. Whereas the word 'whizz' despite having 5 letters, is actually made up of 3 sounds wh/i/zz. In the later example, we would most likely expect the child to write 'whizz' as 'wiz' as it's unlikely they'll be familiar with the silent 'h' or the long 'zz' sound.

Expressive Art & Design

Children will make their own fireworks rockets this week to tie in with their Literacy focus. We will use a range of materials that the children can choose from. Children will learn some bonding techniques so that their rocket is durable. They will write the words from their literacy session on to writing templates which we will attach to the rockets and hang from the ceiling. Children will also have the opportunity to create some 'fireworks' splatter artwork.

We will also spend time listening to Handel's Firework Music, where we will discuss how the music achieves the effects of fireworks going off. Children will have the opportunity to dance to the music, and to use an array of percussion instruments to help them compose some of their very own firework music.

Understanding the World and PSHE

We will use recent Diwali celebrations (19th Oct) to teach the children about celebrations around the world. Children will learn about the story behind the festival of light, about the traditions and customs involved. Children will get the chance to make their own 'diya' (Diwali candle holder) 

With all of our learning centred around fireworks and with the special night approaching, we will embark on some learning around firework safety. The children will also learn the 'Stop, drop and Roll' drill, so don't be alarmed if your child demonstartes this at home (which they often do with little warning!) it's taught in the context of firework/fire safety.

Dates for your Diary

Please double check the School calendar as well as I may well have missed a few dates!

Thursday 2nd Nov - School Disco (Provisional Date)

Friday 3rd Nov - Non school uniform day (PTFA hook a bag donation)

Tuesday 14th and Thurs 16th Nov - Parents Evening

Tuesday 21st Nov 8:50-9:50am - Phonics and Maths workshop

Saturday 25th Nov - Christmas Bazaar

Tuesday 28th Nov - Flu Vaccination

Tuesday 12th Dec - Dress Rehearsal Yr R, Yr1 and Yr2 Christmas Nativity

Wednesday 13th Dec - Children's Christmas lunch

Thursday 14th Dec - Yr R, Yr1 and Yr2 Christmas Nativity

Friday 15th Dec - Yr R, Yr1 and Yr2 Christmas Nativity

Monday 18th Dec - Whole School to Pantomime, Tonbridge

Tuesday 19th Dec - Yr R, Yr 1 and Yr 2 Christmas Party

Wednesday 20th Dec - Christmas Service at St Marys and last day of term.

Please note: more detail will be sent out closer to each date where relevant.