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Intended Learning WC 30.04.2018

Class R Hippos
For week beginning: 30th April 2018
This Weeks Messages

I hope you had a lovely weekend and are ready for week 3 of the summer term.

Non school uniform day is on Friday, the PTFS request chocolate donations for the Summer fete.

I have booked two events for the children of Hippos class. Firstly 'Pirate Day' on Wednesday 23rd May. Children may wear costume for the day be it Pirate themed or something from under the sea. If they do not fancy wearing costume this is absolutely fine. Stephen Mortimer of Victrix will lead a very special morning in class which will include a treasure hunt, walking the plank and some activities around the story 'treasure island'. There is a cost for Victrix of £180 but as we have £175 in the kitty from cake sales will use this to cover the cost, so there will be no cost to parents for this event. The second event booked for children is a day out to The Rare Breeds Centre on Monday 25th June. There will be a cost for this trip which will cover coach hire, entry fee plus 2 activities (a trailer ride and mini beast hunting) A letter will be sent detailing the day within the next few weeks.


Children double numbers to 5 and halve even numbers to 10, using objects, the image of twins and balancing scales. They share objects between two children, begin to see this as halving, and then share objects between four children.

Support this at home when you cut pizzas, cakes and sandwiches and use the terminology 'share' and 'halve'.

Literacy and Phonics

Phonics focus: Children learn to read and write 2 syllable words such as lunchbox, windmill, treetop and starlight for example.

Children will learn to read tricky words: were, there, little one. They will learn to write: they, all, are.

Our writing focus ties in with many other areas of our learning this week. We will be investigating floating and sinking by building our own boat; in Literacy we will design and label our own Pirate ship and write a story about taking a special voyage on it.

Expressive Art & Design

Following last weeks Maths focus on shape, the children will use their knowledge of 3D shape to design and make model Pirate ships. They will use junk items such as egg boxes, tissue boxes and toilet roll tubes etc. to construct their model, and decorate however they feel fit. They will be taught joining and bonding techniques to help ensure their model is durable for a seriously Piratey experiment towards the end of the week.

Understanding the World

Children will investigate floating and sinking this week. They will draw conclusions about why certain materials float, and other sink, and use their learning to make decisions about how to make the most buoyant Pirate ship they possibly can. Children will develop their learning about buoyant materials and will investigate whether adding corks to their Pirate ship will help it's buoyancy. Of course, we will test the children's thoughts by sailing their ships and seeing whether adding heavy loads of treasure will make the ships sink.

Dates for your Diary

Friday 4th May: Non school uniform (choc donations)

Monday 7th May: May Day, school closed

Wednesday 23rd May- Hippos Pirate theme day and Victrix! Children to dress up in theme for the day.

Thursday 24th May: School Disco

Friday 25th May: Non school uniform day (PTFA to confirm)

Saturday 9th June: Village Fete

Friday 13th July: Sports day (am) Open afternoon (pm)

Friday 20th July: Last day (finish time TBC)

Monday 25th June (TBC) - Hippos to Rare Breeds Centre

As always, please look over the school calendar as much as you can.