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Intended Learning WC 29.01.18

Class R Hippos
For week beginning: 29th January 2018
Class Messages

The children loved being either on 'Team Wolf' or 'Team Piggy' last week and got to grips with understanding the story from a different character's point of view - complex stuff - but the children managed to formulate some incredibly high level questions to ask the main characters of the story of 'The Three Little Pigs' to help them deduce whether the wolf realy was a down and out baddy or if his excuse of accidently sneezing the houses down were genuine...what do you think!?

Monday 29th Jan: I will be in class until about 11am with the children and from then I will be taking the choir to perform at the O2 for the 'Young Voices 2018' concert. I won't return until about midnight so that'll be the reason for the bleary eyes on Tuesday! In my absence, Mrs Coleman will lead the day with the support of Mrs Russell. She will be left the lessons I would usually teach and they will be delivered with 'Mrs Coleman Pizzazz'.

Monday 5th February: We will be taking the children on a 'walk-around' in the village. This is to support their learning about 'building'. We will be taking the 'back route' from the school to the church where we will start our 'tour'. After some time in the church, we will walk slowly through the village as far as the duck pond and across the road to the WW1 monument. Along the way we will discuss the different buildings that we see, their features, the things we like and dislike. We have discussions about which building we think is the oldest/newest and why. We will also have discussions about how communities grow and develop and how people 'build and develop' links within the community through it's facilities. We will end our visit in 'Weeks Bakery' where we will enjoy a cookie and a hot chocolate (there will be a small cost for this which should have been emailed to you) As this is a local trip, we do not need to send out permission, but the children will wear high vis jackets and there will be 6 adults accompanying them. We need parent volunteers to walk with us so if you can help please let me know...we aim to leave shortly after drop off on the day (approx 9.15-9.30am)

Forest School: We are so pleased that this is going swimmingly for the children. I loved being with them last Wednesday and made some truely valuable observations of the children which will support the judgements I make at the end of the year. Spare Clothes get taken to the forest with the children so we would really appreciate if these were in a rucksack for the children to carry (spare plastic bags in side the rucksack would be useful should clothing get wet and muddy). Last week we trialled keeping the afternoon forest school group outside on the balcony on their return from the forest so we could hand them over directly to you rather than them coming inside and seraching for a change of shoes only to pull out the entire contents of their forest school bag. I feel this worked better and more efficiently but by all means, if you need to come and and do some footwear swapping etc please do.

Christingle: I do hope you enjoyed the service on Friday and many thanks to the parents who walked with us.


Children learn how we can time events, and the fact that some events take longer than others. Gradually they improve their understanding of how time is measured, and recognise units of time: seconds, minutes, hours, days, months and years. They recognise and identify common 3D shapes learning to name cubes, spheres, cuboids, cones, pyramids and cylinders. They start to describe the properties of these 3D shapes, including the 2D shapes of their flat faces.

Support this at home by helping your child understand short units of time. Perhaps talk to them about how long their favourite TV programme lasts, make comparisons with how long it takes them to brush their teeth.

Make comparisons between 2D and 3D shape. We talk about 2D shapes as being flat, and that 3D shapes are a solid version (I place a 2D shapes in a magic box eg a square, blow it up with a ball pump, and pull out equivalent 3D shape, a cube)


Phonics focus: Revision of all trigraphs (the children are struggling a little to remember these understandably so any extra practice at home would be beneficial) igh (night) ure (pure) air (hair) ear (near) Why not write the 4 trigraphs on piece of paper and use a different colour for each. Give the child a word with one of the trigraphs in, eg 'Night' and ask them simply to point at the trigraphs used in the word. Then ask your child to practice writing 'night', emphasise the 3 sounds: n/ight/t. Extend this by asking your child to suggest some words with the sam sound and challenge them to write them down.

We will also be looking at tricky words: no    go    so   do

Writing focus: We are working towards a 'Big Write' over the next 2 weeks. This is where the children work towards writing a lengthy piece of wiritng independantly. There are 3 phases that make up this process; familiarisation, gathering idea, writing.

Our recount focus is going to be centred around the children's session in the forest, so this week the children will gather ideas in the forest by writing key words on chalk boards and in the mud. I will take a number of photos to help document the children's sessions and jog their memories when it comes to writing. We will have lots of practice at writing the recount before we go for the real thing next week.

Dates for your Diary

Monday 5th February - Village Walk Round

Friday 9th February - Non School Uniform Day (hook a bag donations PTFA)

Monday 12th February - Half Term

Monday 19th February - INSET day

Thursday 8th March - Whole School to see 'Kidenza Classical Music Concert for Kids' at Benenden Prep.

Wednesday 28th March - Arts Festival (evening)

Thursday 29th March - Easter Service at St Marys

As usual, more information will be sent out closer to each event where necessary