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Intended Learning WC 26.03.18

Class R Hippos
For week beginning: 26th March 2018
Class Messages

A jam packed week last week in class; the children created a 'spicy tala' (an Indian repeating rhythm) which they recorded as a graphic score. Ask them to show you their 'Mint and Gin-ger, Cin-a-mon-sticks' composition! We also had a brilliant week of ICT, programming bluebots and beebots, navigating floor robots around maps, using coding apps 'Beebot' and 'Kodable' and scanning QR codes to participate in online actvities. Please look at our blog to see the lovely 'Spark Video' we have created of the children using Bluebots. Clever things! And lastly, we had a fabulous trip to the Indian restaurant. I do hope your children have talked alot about it, and who knows - maybe it's time to take them out with you for a cheeky Madras? Thank you ever so much to all the parents that helped with the transportation. Photos of this trip will be put up on the gallery soon (but do take a look at the gallery now as I have uploaded a few new albums)

This week my Tuesday PPA has moved to Wednesday afternoon, and I will also be out Wednesday morning as Mrs Mileham owes me half a day from before Christmas, so you will not see me on Wednesday and the children will have Mrs Mileham all day - I believe there is alot in the way of fun and learning around the Easter Story planned for all the infants to enjoy throughout the morning.

Please note, there is no forest school this week.

Thursday - we have the Easter Service at St Marys, so please do not bring in book bags (last book change will be Monday of this week) As usual, children may be taken home directly from the church. If you cannot collect your child from the church we will return them to school for the usual 3.15pm pick up.

Finally, many thanks for your support during what has been a very busy term. I wish you and your children a very happy holiday. Have fun, rest lots and eat tonnes of chocolate (homework!) 


This week is all about partitioning numbers and finding pairs of numbers that total the number. The children begin to learn their bonds to 5, 6, 7, 8 and 10. They also start matching sets of objects to addition sentences and begin to see that addition is commutative, i.e. 5 + 3 is the same as 3 + 5. Children are also introduced to the subtraction sign, using knowledge of bonds. We will be using numicon to support our learning this week.

Understanding the World and Expressive Art & Design

Children will learn about Easter this week. They will hear the Easter story and engage in discussions about what they think and how they feel about the story. They will have a go at re-enacting the story in small groups and will sequence pictures of the story and write corresponding captions in their work books.

Children will also engage in a wide range of fun easter activities; egg decorating, egg cup making, bonnet making etc. And as they have been such a wonderful class of children to teach, there may well be a visit from the Easter bunny and an easter egg hunt, but shhhh it's a secret!

Phonics and Literacy


When   children start Phase Four of the Letters and Sounds phonics programme, they   will know a grapheme for each of the 42 phonemes. They will be able to blend   phonemes to read CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant) words and segment in order   to spell them.

Children   will also have begun reading straightforward two-syllable words and simple captions, as well as reading and spelling some tricky words.

In   Phase 4, no new graphemes are introduced. The main aim of this phase is to consolidate the children's knowledge and to help them learn to read and spell words which have adjacent consonants, such as trap, string and milk.

Tricky words

During   Phase 4, the following tricky words (which can't yet be decoded) are introduced  

  • said
  • have  
  • like  
  • so  
  • do  
  • some 
  • come
  • were  
  • there
  • little  
  • one        
  • when  
  • out
  • what

Writing focus: We will have a go at writing and Easter poem this week. Children will select a range of rhyming pairs to help them come up with ideas for their poem.

Dates for your Diary

Wednesday 28th March - Arts Festival (evening)

Thursday 29th March - Easter Service at St Marys and last day of term

Monday 16th April - return to school

Monday 7th May - Mayday (school closed)

Please glance over the calendar for next term and I will do my best to summarise dates in my next Intended Learning.