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Intended Learning WC 26.02.18

Class R Hippos
For week beginning: 26th February 2018
Class Messages

We had a great start back at school, the children were incredibly quick to settle and worked very hard indeed.

On Monday we have Professor Bubbleworks in school to take a Science workshop with each class. This coincides beautifully with our own dedicated Science week.

World Book Day is on Thursday however the school are marking it on Wednesday with a day of story telling workshops for the children to enjoy. Please note that the decision has been made that the children will not be dressing up.

Science Week

We are dedicating a whole week (except Wednesday for world book day) to Science. The children will carry out a number of Science experiments throughout the week where they will develop their predication, observation, record-keeping, exploration, sensory, mathematical, language and communication skills to name a few! All through Science.

Children will carry out each science experiment by following written/pictorial instructions and will record their ideas in their own 'observation booklet'; they will record predications, observations, diagrams, photographs, captions about the experiments. They will use their Maths and Literacy skills to read and follow recipes for each experiment. They will develop their communication and language skills throughout the week as they learn new terminology and work in groups to carry out the experiments successfully. They will enhance their sensory skills as the look, smell, touch, hear what's going on in each experiment.

Children will also develop their technology skills as they help me write a class blog each day. Keep an eye out on Hippos web page 'class blogs' to see what we get up to and make a comment that I can feedback to the children!

These are just some of the experiments we will be carrying out:

'Walking Water': Children will use 2 different cups of coloured water and absorbent paper towel to watch water travel across cups (by being soaked up by the paper towel) They will hopeful see the 2 colours meet in the middle and eventually mix. The idea of this experiment is for children to make links with plants and how they soak up water. You could replicate this at home, but maybe use a celery stick or a white flower in coloured water, and the children can watch the water travel up and see how the colour changes the object.

'Dancing Raisins': Children will place water and baking soda in to a clear cup. Then raisins. Children will observe what happens to the raisins when they add 5 teaspoons of vinegar.

'Rainbow in a Jar': Children will add 4 table spoons of coloured water to a jar of 4 tablespoons of oil. They will make observations of this intial process. Children will then add golden syrup and then make further observations.

'Making Currents' (like in the ocean) Children will strategically place 4 m&m's in a shallow dish of water and observe the pattern made by the colour run. Children will later make comparisons with how currents in the ocean meet and work with/against eachother.

'Lava Lamp' Children will make their own lava lamp by adding food colouring, cooking oil and salt to a jar. If they follow the instructions carefully, the children will observe the oil move just like that in a lava lamp. Mesmerising!

If you would like a detailed copy of how to carry out the experiments, just let me know and I'd be very happy to organise that for you.

Phonics and Literacy

The children will apply all of their phonics knowledge and strategies to their Science work this week. The children will work daily to produce a concise booklet to record all of their Scientific findings. They will broaden their vocabulary around the scientific experiments they carry out and begin to make links with the things that happen every day in the world around them.

The children will also make use of their fantastic reading skills by ensuring they are following instructions properly in order to carry out the experiments successfully.

Dates for the Diary

Monday 26th February - Science week in Hippos Class

Monday 26th February - Professor Bubbleworks

Wednesday 28th Feb - School marks World Book Day with storyteller workshops (this is not a 'dress up' day)

Saturday 3rd March - PTFA Quiz

6th and 7th March - Parents Evening

Thursday 8th March - Whole School to see 'Kidenza Classical Music Concert for Kids' at Benenden Prep.

Tuesday 20th - School nurse in to Hippos for standard height/weight/eye tests etc

Friday 23rd March - Yr R Cake Sale

Wednesday 28th March - Arts Festival (evening)

Thursday 29th March - Easter Service at St Marys and last day of term

As usual, more information will be sent out closer to each event where necessary