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Intended Learning WC 23.04.18

Class R Hippos
For week beginning: 23rd April 2018
Class Messages

We had a fabulous first week back. The children were happy to come back to school and really excited about our Pirates topic. Thank you to those that made the term overview session on Wednesday. With regards to our Pirate topic, we will be working towards a theme day towards the end of term so please think about putting together some sort of Piratey/Under-the-sea type costume for your child to wear should they want to. The date of this will be Wednesday 23rd May. I have invited Stephen Mortimer from the company 'Victrix' to host a theme morning fot he children; he is a specialist in reenactments from history and adds a special quality to days like this. There is a cost for his service of around £5.50 per child but I may use recent cake sale money towrads this to keep the cost down. An email will be sent regarding this soon.

Call for junk: if you can donate any small 'junk items such as cardboard boxes, egg boxes, toilet roll tubes etc that would be fabulous for filling up our junk modelling box. Also, we are in need of some long cardboard tubes (kitchen towel type tubes) for making Pirate telescopes so I'd be grateful if you could send anything like this in.

On Thursday 26th April we have story teller workshops (postponed from World Book Day which was a snow day)


This week will focus on common 2D and 3D shapes. Children distinguish between solid (3D) shapes and flat (2D) shapes. They explore the properties of 2D shapes, looking at their sides (straight or curved), the number of corners and whether they are symmetrical. They then explore the properties of 3D shapes, looking at whether they slide or roll or can do both. Children look at the faces and vertices of the shapes and at whether they can stack or not. Children will participate in fun  but complex activities such as creating the net of 3D shape using art straws and twigs. The week summarises and concludes all the work on shape in Reception.

Literacy & Phonics

overarching focus - to read two syllable words with adjacent consonants

Children will learn to read tricky words: were, there, little, one

Children will learn to write: they, are, all

Literacy Focus: This week children develop their understanding of non-fiction and will work towards writing all of the facts they have learned about pirates on their very own Piratey paper. Children will later focus on the fact that Blackbeard marooned his very own crew on a desert island so he could steal their treasure. Children will immerse themselves in the concept of being marooned on an island and write their very own letter in a bottle, capturing their thoughts and feelings about the dreadful situation they've found themselves in


To tie in with Maths, children will use a programme on the ipads this week to manipulate shapes to form a compound shape that looks like a pirate ship. Children will learn to alter the size of the shapes, flip the shapes, and insert colour.

Expressive Art & Design and Understanding the World

Children will learn about flags. They will learn about how the flag is a representation of a country or a group of people. We will look at flags from around the world, and we will also look at Pirate flags. Children will then design and paint their very own Pirate flag (later to be used when they make their own 3D pirate ship which will be tested for buoyancy)

Children will also learn about magnification when they make their own Pirate telescopes. They will learn about the mechanics of telescopes, and the science behind the convex lenses involved.

Music: We began our djembe drumming sessions last week and they went down a storm with the children. Our peripatetic teacher, Ben Jackson, is phenomenal with the children and has them exploring the sounds of the drums and learning simple rhythms. I'll put some photos on the gallery asap.

Physical Development

This term, Mrs Mileham will be teaching the children bat and ball skills (cricket and tennis)

I will be teaching the children fitness activities using a variety of skills - bat/ball, balance/strength, passing/receiving all whilst on the move - to increase stamina over time

Dates for your Diary

Friday 4th May: Non school uniform (choc donations)

Monday 7th May: May Day, school closed

Wednesday 23rd May- Hippos Pirate theme day and Victrix! Children to dress up in theme for the day.

Thursday 24th May: School Disco

Friday 25th May: Non school uniform day (PTFA to confirm)

Saturday 9th June: Village Fete

Friday 13th July: Sports day (am) Open afternoon (pm)

Friday 20th July: Last day (finish time TBC)

Monday 25th June (TBC) - Hippos to Rare Breeds Centre

As always, please look over the school calendar as much as you can.