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Intended Learning WC 22.01.17

Class R Hippos
For week beginning: 22nd January 2018
Class Messages

The children had a great week last week. They really got to grips with the idea of story structure and over 3 sessions wrote the beginning, the middle and the end of the story of 'The 3 Little Pigs'.

Forest School is still going really well. Can I ask that the children that go to forest school in the morning have a change of shoes to wear indoors in the afternoon. Also, please be mindful of the weather forecast, we've been lucky enough to have some milder days in the forest so all of the layers I initially suggested may not be necessary every week.

Christingle: We have the Christingle service at St Marys on Friday. I will not be at the service as I am on a course in the afternoon so Mrs Mileham and Mrs Coleman will be taking the class. Anyone that may be able to walk with us to church should be at school ready to leave by 1.40pm, we'd be very pleased to see you. As usual, children should not bring in book bags on this day if you intend on collecting them straight from the church after the service.

Monday 5th February: We will be taking the children on a 'walk-around' in the village. This is to support their learning about 'building'. We will be taking the 'back route' from the school to the church where we will start our 'tour'. After some time in the church, we will walk slowly through the village as far as the duck pond and across the road to the WW1 monument. Along the way we will discuss the different buildings that we see, their features, the things we like and dislike. We have discussions about which building we think is the oldest/newest and why. We will also have discussions about how communities grow and develop and how people 'build and develop' links within the community through it's facilities. We will end our visit in 'Weeks Bakery' where we will enjoy a cookie and a hot chocolate (there will be a small cost for this which will be emailed to you) As this is a local trip, we do not need to send out permission, but the children will wear high vis jackets and there will be 6 adults accompanying them. We need 3 parent volunteers to walk with us so if you can help please let me know...we aim to leave shortly after
drop off on the day (approx 9.15am)


Children will begin to partition sets of ten objects and   learn the number pairs to 10. They will use dinosaurs to count and match   objects to number sentences, beginning to use the language ʻaddʼ, ʻmore   thanʼ, ʻequalsʼ. Children will also use practical activities and objects to   double; they will read doubling stories. Children will be introduced to   halving and have a teddy bearsʼ picnic where everything is shared in half!

Support this at home by having a teddy bears picnic with   your child. Invite your child to cut sandwiches in half and share them out   with you and their teddies. You could make it more complex by introducing   quarters if you want to. Involve your child in serving out dinners, maybe   cutting up the pizza or a cake and have discussions about sharing out the   parts equally.

English & Phonics

Phonics Focus:  ur    ow      oi

Tricky Words:    you

Literacy Focus: We will be using the text 'The True Story of the Three Little Pigs' by Jon Schiezska to enable the children to think about the traditional story from a different character's perspective. We will discuss the wolf's version of the story...did he really accidently sneeze instead of all that 'huffing' and 'puffing'? Children will get the opportunity to role play the alternative version of the story using the character flip masks that they made last week. Children will then decide if they are on the side of the wolf or the pigs and will sit on the 'hot seat' where they will begin to share their reasons for this. They will later go off and make a 'wanted' poster for whoever they feel was responsible for the whole fiasco.

PSHE and Health & Self Care

This   week we will be thinking about ourselves...about our bodies. Children will   develop their understanding of how their bodies work, they will meet 'Sid the   Skeleton' and learn about the vital organs he protects. Children will later   learn about where things go when we put them in our bodies, and how best to   look after ourselves.

Children   will learn to sing the song 'Dem bones' to support their learning.

Working   in hand with Personal, Social, Emotional Development, the children will learn   about healthy and unhealthy foods. They will learn about the importance of   making good choices for their own bodies. Children will be introduced to the   food wheel to help them understand about balance. Children will then collage   their own healthy plate of food to demonstrate their understanding.

Expressive Art & Design

Music; we will learn lots of songs about food and being healthy; 'dem bones', 'cauliflowers fluffy' etc. Children will have the opportunity to make up their own songs about keeping their bodies healthy.

Art; children will use real fruit and veg to make a 'health monster'...they will position different fruit and veg on a plate to make a funny looking creature, and of course at the end have a good old munch!

Dates for your Diary

As ever, please check the website calendar as I may have missed the odd thing!

Tuesday 23rd January - Arts Festival Audition (open to all ages)

Friday 26th January - Christingle Service, St Marys Church (Parents may collect children to go home after service)

Monday 5th February - Village Walk Round

Monday 12th February - Half Term

Monday 19th February - INSET day

Thursday 8th March - Whole School to see 'Kidenza Classical Music Concert for Kids' at Benenden Prep.

Wednesday 28th March - Arts Festival (evening)

Thursday 29th March - Easter Service at St Marys

As usual, more information will be sent out closer to each event where necessary