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Intended Learning WC 19.03.18

Class R Hippos
For week beginning: 19th March 2018
Class Messages

The class had a great start to their learning about India last week. They have started work on their own booklet which covers learning about 'Mehndi', Indian music, Indian weddings, Rangoli patterns, and a written recipe for a 'Sweet Samosa'. We are looking forward to continuing our learning as we lead up to our class trip on Thursday.

On Tuesday the 'School Nurse Team' will be in for most of the day measuring the children's height, weight, eyesight and hearing.


This week children are revisiting the days of the week, reciting the names and ordering them and will use language related to time such as ʻyesterdayʼ, ʻtodayʼ and ʻtomorrowʼ. They will begin to recognise oʼclock times on analogue and digital clocks and match these to key events in their daily routine and in stories. Children will also use the language of position and direction, including ʻleftʼ and ʻrightʼ in the context of games.

Positional language will also help us with our technology focus this week!

Phonics and Literacy


When   children start Phase Four of the Letters and Sounds phonics programme, they   will know a grapheme for each of the 42 phonemes. They will be able to blend   phonemes to read CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant) words and segment in order   to spell them.

Children   will also have begun reading straightforward two-syllable words and simple captions, as well as reading and spelling some tricky words.

In   Phase 4, no new graphemes are introduced. The main aim of this phase is to consolidate the children's knowledge and to help them learn to read and spell words which have adjacent consonants, such as trap, string and milk.

Tricky words

During   Phase 4, the following tricky words (which can't yet be decoded) are introduced  

  • said
  • have  
  • like  
  • so  
  • do  
  • some 
  • come
  • were  
  • there
  • little  
  • one        
  • when  
  • out
  • what

Literacy Focus

We will finish off our 'All things India' booklets this week. The children will write a little reflection of their visit to the 'Taj   of Kent' explaining what they liked about the trip and what their favourite dish was.


We are going to have a real focus on technology this week. Our main aim is to learn some simple coding. We will use positional language to navigate eachother around mazes before we translate this to programming floor robots (beebots and bluebots) and using the games 'Beebot' and 'Kodable' to put our coding skills into the abstract form.

I will also introduce QR barcodes into the classroom so the children can scan them with the ipads and find out about different activities I'd like them to try out.

Understanding the World

In RE the children will begin to get to grips with the Easter story. We have been asked to contribute to re-telling a section of the Easter story during the Easter Service at St Marys church. By 'luck of the draw' Hippos class will be covering the crucifiction. We will do this in a very gentle way; by re-telling the story using cuddly toys which we will film and project on to the screen during the services (I'm not taking any chances with this!)

Dates for your diary

Tuesday 20th - School nurse in to Hippos for standard height/weight/eye tests etc

Thursday 22nd March - Class trip to Indian Restaurant

Friday 23rd March - Yr R Cake Sale

Wednesday 28th March - Arts Festival (evening)

Thursday 29th March - Easter Service at St Marys and last day of term

As usual, more information will be sent out closer to each event where necessary