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Intended Learning WC 15.01.18

Class R Hippos
For week beginning: 15th January 2018
Class Messages

Another fantastic week in Hippos class last week, the children worked so hard! We used 'base 10' manipulatives to support the children's learning about teen numbers. The children listened to and learned the story of 'The three little pigs'; they later sequenced the story in their books, and had a go at writing the wolf's and pig's key phrases to develop a sense of character. The children made their own piggy/wolf masks too. A chilly day in the forest proved great fun. Mrs Stanford (tawny owl) was delighted with how much she saw the children gain from their time in forest school this week.

Forest School homework: Mrs Stanford ask that the children practice how to fasten their seat belts ahead of next weeks forest school sessions, this will vastly speed up the process of transporting the children too and from the forest in the mini bus. She also asks that the children practice putting on and taking off their own wellies.

Thank you to the parents that made it to the 'Parent/Teacher sessions' on Tuesday and Thursday. I do hope they proved useful. If you couldn't make it, much of it is covered on the 'Topic Web' which is on the class webpage.


Children play with, explore and identify patterns, including line symmetry in images and simple shapes. They create and extend repeating patterns involving two, three and four items, including images and objects. They identify simple linear patterns. Children recognise and identify odd and even numbers and count in 2s from an even number.

Support this at home; create symmetrical pictures by decorating half of a butterfly, or ladybird (for example) with paint, and folding the butterfly in half 'press' the paint pattern down on to the other side of the butterfly. Use a mirror on the line of symmetry to demonstrate this further.

Phonics and Literacy

Phonics Sounds: oo,  ar,   or

Tricky Words: no,   go

Literacy focus: As a continuation of last week's learning, the children will re-tell the story of 'The three little pigs' with a focus on the story structure. We will dedicate a session each to writing the beginning, the middle and the end of the story. Some children may also write a 'perfectly polished piece' after each section has been marked and corrected.

To support this at home: use your home reading books to support your child's understanding of story structure. Can they tell you what the beginning of the story was? What about the middle and ending? Maybe you could challenge your child to make up an alternative version of the story?

Expressive Art & Design

Children will make their own character 'flip' masks. Last week the children became very familiar with the story 'The 3 Little Pigs' and absolutely loved hearing it! So, to help them really get in touch with the characters, the children will make flip masks out of paper plates, lolly pop sticks and various other items. On one side of the mask will be a piggy's face, on the other will be a wolf's face. This will enable the children to 'flip' between characters when role playing the story line of 'The three little pigs'. and familiarise themselves with key phrases such as 'little pig little pig let me in...' and 'not by the hair on my chinny chin chin'. We will also use these masks so the children can act out thier alternative versions of the story.

Understanding the World

We will begin to explore how buildings are made in more detail. Children will think about the story 'The three little pigs' and make decisions about why the house made of bricks was the most successful at standing up against the wolf's mighty breath. They will also begin to think about why the straw and stick houses failed, but suggest ways that they could of been built to withhold the wolf's breath a little better.

Children will then hit the drawing board, to design a house of straw or sticks that is stronger than the little piggy's attempts. Children will be challenged to think about how to strengthen the walls and roof, and will attempt to annotate their design ideas so that next week we can put their designs to the test when we build prototypes (this is a continuation of last weeks lessons as we aim to produce additional work for display)

Mrs Mileham

As you are aware, Mrs Mileham covers my lessons on a Tuesday morning this term.

In RE: This term children will be looking at the New testament and particularly at the parables told by Jesus and the messages that they bring. The Big question is: What do Christians believe is special about Jesus and the messages he brings? We will also talking about the disciples and their role in spreading his word.

in PE: Dance and Stick and Ball skills.

Dates for your Diary

As ever, please check the website calender as I may have missed the odd thing!

Tuesday 23rd January - Arts Festival Audition (open to all ages)

Friday 26th January - Christingle Service, St Marys Church (Parents may collect children to go home after service)

Monday 12th February - Half Term

Monday 19th February - INSET day

Thursday 8th March - Whole School to see 'Kidenza Classical Music Concert for Kids' at Benenden Prep.

Wednesday 28th March - Arts Festival (evening)

Thursday 29th March - Easter Service at St Marys

As usual, more information will be sent out closer to each event where necessary