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Intended Learning WC 14.05.18

Class R Hippos
For week beginning: 14th May 2018
Class Messages

Another lovely and very productive week in Hippos class has passed and the weather finally appears to be taking a turn for the better; on that note, please provide a labelled sun hat for your child and apply long lasting sunscreen to your child should it look like a sunny day. We do have a box of spare hats if need be so the children will always have their head and face protected from the sun on hotter days. Please be informed that we also remind the children that water is available to them whenever they want it, and on exceptionally hot days we will limit the time spent outside, but in most instances, we will do as much of our learning outside as possible.

Thursday is 'Outside learning' day! Whilst Hippos spend alot of time outdoors anyway, we will endeavour to spend the whole day outside so please ensure your child has appropriate clothing for all weathers.

On Friday we have Greg Clark (The Rt Hon) officially opening the outdoor classroom 'The Hide' and the newly rennovated pond area. He will be here from 11am-12pm and all the children will welcome him to the school. Year 5 & 6 will also invite him into their classrooms for a discussion and Q&A time.

Pirate day: It's a pirate theme day on Wednesday 23rd May so please ensure your child has a costume to wear to fit in with our theme (any pirate related costume, or under-the-sea costume will be lovely) Some children may not like the idea of dressing up, this is absolutely fine and they shouldn't feel under pressure; you could always pop a costume in their bag (or we have spares!) should they change their mind during the day.

Rare Breeds Centre: this trip is booked for Monday 25th June. Letters will be issued before half term.


This week children revisit the days of the week, making sure that they know these and can put them in order. They also talk about how we measure time in different ways, and come to understand units: months, days, weeks, hours, minutes and seconds. They learn to recognise oʼclock times on analogue and digital clocks and match these to key events in their daily routine and in stories

The best way to support this at home is to talk about the time all of the time. I expect you do this naturally, but by showing the children what 7 o'clock looks like on your analogue clock each time they go to bed will help them significantly. The children most confident with 'time' are the ones that have a lot of dialogue about it at home.

Phonics and Literacy

Phonics: This week and next we are going to revise phase 4 phonics, in particular tricky words. We will also work on lower case & letter formation, in particular the entry stroke for joined handwriting. Literacy: Our focus this week is on Poetry. Children will listen to, learn and perform a range of Pirate-themed poems and sea-shanties. They will use this learning to inform their own poetry writing. They will work towards writing a poem that ryhmes, and a non-rhyming descriptive poem

Understanding the World and Expressive Art & Design

We will move our attention to the 'Under the Sea' part of our theme. Children will learn about how our tides work by making their own sea-sides. We will also investigate shells and marine creatures with the aim to create our own 'under the sea' snow globes.  

Music: We continue our djembe sessions with Ben Jackson.

Physical Development

Mrs Mileham continues to teach bat and ball skills (cricket and tennis) and I will continue to teach outside circuits. We are really fortunate as this summer, the coaches from Goudhurst Tennis Club will teach 3 tennis sessions to the children so the children have a really varied PE curriculum.