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Intended Learning 09.07.18

Class R Hippos
For week beginning: 9th July 2018
Class Messages

I absolutely cannot believe are in the penultimate week of your child's time in Hippos class. The adventure story books the children created last week are a testament to how hard they have all work and how much they have achieved, I am incredibly proud of them all as I'm sure are you.

Please remember that 9th July is our trip to Bedgebury, we have issued everyone with a copy of the letter and we must have consent to allow your child to come. Also it is important to note (as in the letter) that children must come to school as usual for our 8.45am start. Children can then be picked up from school by parents to take them to Bedgebury at 10.30am. You can drop off at Bedgebury at no cost for parking as long as your stay is less than 20 mins - we will ensure there is a teacher there to meet you on arrival. Children must have a packed lunch, plenty of water, be wearing suncream and a sunhat, school uniform and trainers. It is set to be a very lovely day indeed.

On Tuesday the 10th July we have what is called a 'jump up' sessions, where the children all get to spend some time in the classroom they will be in next academic year. They will also get to know their new teacher. I am positive both the children and their new teacher will have a fab time getting to know one another.

Friday - Sports day happens in the morning on the school field (parents normally make their way over to the field after drop off) and starts with the 'infant' races and then is followed by the 'junior' races. The children are racing on behalf of their 'house', Bedgebury, Finchcocks, Pattenden, Glassenbury and Scotney and gain points if they place 3rd, 2nd or 3rd in each race. The children will be wearing a 'house' coloured t-shirt (green, red, purple, yellow or blue) which will sort out for them in advance. Whilst there is an element of competitiveness, this is mostly in the older part of the school. Our emphasis with Hippos children is of course all about the taking part. Please be aware that we do an event called the wheel relay. This is quite a tricky thing, but the children manage it beautifully - but NOTE: some children may run twice within their house due to any absences on the day. In the past parents have misunderstood this and felt it has disadvantaged their child's team. We'd like to assure you that we think these things through and try to be as fair as possible, most things have a reason, but of course due to the nature of the children's age mistakes do happen as well.

After all of the sporting events have finished, you are invited to stay on the field and have lunch (which is provided for the children) with your child. Please invite any of your children's friends to join you if their family are unable to attend. After they have eaten, children may play on the field until it's time to go in. After lunch break, the children attend classes as usual and parents will be invited to come in to school for an open afternoon.

Friday - Open afternoon. You are invited to come in and peruse all of the activities going on around the school. Hippos will be particpating in djembe sessions so it's a chance for them to show off their musical ability. By all means, please do go and look at what other year groups are up to.


We have a very busy week ahead, so will spend our maths sessions revising all of our learning from the year and playing games around the different concepts and methods.

Literacy, Expressive Art & Design

We will play lots of phonics games this week and next, just to polish off and embed our learning as much as possible.

Writing - we will design and write a 'farewell' card to our buddies to give to them in their leavers service next week. We will also create and design some 'house' banners for the upcoming sports day.

Dates for your diary

Monday 9th July: Buddy trip to Bedgebury

Friday 13th July: Sports day (am) Open afternoon (pm)

Tuesday 17th July: Bastille Day (the country not the band!) Children dress in red/white/blue TBC!

Friday 20th July: Last day (finish time TBC)

Monday 23rd and Tuesday 24th July - INSET, school closed

As always, please look over the school calendar as much as you can.