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Intended Learning WC 08.01.18

Class R Hippos
For week beginning: 8th January 2018
Class Messages

Forest School starts this Wednesday. Please refer back to the letter that you received before half term so all the important information is to hand. Please ensure consents have been returned as we will not be able to take your child without this. Final plea; ensure that your child knows what their forest school kit is made up of and have a go at putting items on ahead of Wednesday. There are so many items of clothing involved across all 30 children that it can be difficult for us to identify what should and shouldn't be worn and what belongs to each individual. That would be extremly helpful!

My PPA time (planning) now swaps back to Tuesday mornings for this half term so expect to see Mrs Mileham every Tuesday morning.

Parent Information Sessions (Tues & Thurs) You are invited to attend these informal meetings in the classroom to get an overview of what the children will be learning this term. The meeting runs straight after school on Tuesday and is repeated on thursday - please only attend 1 session.


This week the children return to counting. They count to 100 and compare and order numbers to 20. Itʼs an opportunity to check that children can subitise numbers to 6 and that everyone understands conservation of number. Children estimate numbers of objects and images and begin to understand that teen numbers are 10 plus some more.

To help at home: support your child's ability to subitise by playing games with dice or dominoes. Subitising is the ability to recognise the number of objects in a group without the need to count them. Simple dice games such as snakes and ladders will enable your child to recognise groups of dots in such a fun way they won't even know they are doing it. Or, why not play a civilised game of dominoes by simply matching up the dots to make a dominoes snake.

Literacy and Phonics

In phonics the children will be revising vowel digraphs: ai, ee, igh, oa

They will be learning to read and write the tricky words: he, she, the, to

The children's Literacy work will centre around the traditional tale 'The three little pigs'. This will tie in beautifully with our term's theme 'building' (with expressive art & design) The children will learn about the the structure of the tale, namely by re-enacting the story. They will know a story has a beginning, middle and an end. They will also develop their sense of character and setting. This weeks learning will result in the children using their writing skills to re-tell the story.

To support this at home: why not read your child a different traditional tale such as 'Jack and the Beanstalk' or 'Goldilocks and the three bears' for example. Discuss the different sections of the story and after time, ask your child to re-tell the story to you. Perhaps challenge them to make up a funny alternative ending.

Expressive Art & Design

To link with the children's literacy focus, this week the children will explore the different materials that houses are made of in our country. They will be begin to learn about why some materials are preferable to others and relate this to 'The three little pigs' straw, stick and brick houses.

In groups, the children will design, pland and make a model of one of the three little pigs houses which we will put to the 'wind' test (using Ms Lane's hairdryer as make-shift wolf's breath) We will discuss what happens to each model when a strong wind is applied and relate this to why certain building materials are best for houses in our country. The children will then draw diagrams of our experiments and have a go at labelling them with simple captions.

We will also draw links with 'buildings' made in the natural environment (Forest School) in particular birds nests. We will talk about the things birds might use to make their nests and why. We will discuss the features of a birds nest and have a go at making our own.

Moving and Handling

As usual, Mrs Mileham will take the class for PE on Tuesdays and alternate Fridays. The units of work are 'Dance' and 'stick and ball' skills. Moving and handling skills will also be developed through the forest school sessions as children begin to explore their own capabilities through den-making, tree-climbing etc.