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Intended Learning WC 07.05.18

Class R Hippos
For week beginning: 7th May 2018
Class Messages

I hope you had a lovely bank holiday weekend!

I have booked two events for the children of Hippos class. Firstly 'Pirate Day' on Wednesday 23rd May. Children may wear costume for the day be it Pirate themed or something from under the sea. If they do not fancy wearing costume this is absolutely fine. Stephen Mortimer of Victrix will lead a very special morning in class which will include a treasure hunt, walking the plank and some activities around the story 'treasure island'. There is a cost for Victrix of £180 but as we have £175 in the kitty from cake sales will use this to cover the cost, so there will be no cost to parents for this event. The second event booked for children is a day out to The Rare Breeds Centre on Monday 25th June. There will be a cost for this trip which will cover coach hire, entry fee plus 2 activities (a trailer ride and mini beast hunting) A letter will be sent detailing the day within the next few weeks.


The children were absolutely brilliant with doubling and halving last week; keep this fresh in their minds by quick fire quizzing them 'show me double 3!' (they should show you 3 on both hands) and 'show me half 8!' (they should you 4 on each hand and then hide one hand behind their back)

In this week, children begin to learn to count in 2s, 5s and 10s. They count sets of objects, including fingers, using ʻclever countingʼ instead of counting in 1s. They learn the pattern of counting 2s, 5s and 10s, recognising that 10s numbers, for example, all end in 0. They sort numbers into odd and even numbers, and revisit doubles and halves.

Phonics and Literacy

Phonics: Children will learn to read high frequency words 'said, so, do, have, like, some, come, were, there, little, one, when, out, what' and write words with adjacent consonants such as 'think, crept, crack' for example.

Writing Focus: This week the children will come across a mysterious letter from a Pirate. The letter will explain to the children that there is an ancient treasure map hidden somewhere in the school grounds. The children will be tasked with finding the map and following the clues to see what might be hidden. This will be the stimulus for children writing a diary entry this week. 

Technology and Understanding the World

We are going to look at map work more closely this week; looking at map keys and developing our understanding of basic co-ordinates. We will also be thinking about positional language and tying it in with some 'technology' by programming beebots and bluebots to navigate a map designed by the children. There are so many skills at work so this learning will stretch over 3 sessions. Children will use a simple beebot programme on the ipads where they will input a series of instructions (thinking about positional language) to navigate a beebot. They will then put this into concrete practice by programming an actual robotic beebot (floor robot) to move around a giant floor map designed and drawn by the children.

Expressive Art & Design

We are lucky to have 2 djembe lessons this week as Ben missed our first session due to illness. The children absolutely loved their first session last week and are developing their listening skills as well as their understanding of Musical features such as ryhthm, pitch, tempo and dynamics.

Dates for your Diary

Monday 7th May: May Day, school closed

Wednesday 23rd May- Hippos Pirate theme day and Victrix! Children to dress up in theme for the day.

Thursday 24th May: School Disco

Friday 25th May: Non school uniform day (PTFA to confirm)

Saturday 9th June: Village Fete

Friday 13th July: Sports day (am) Open afternoon (pm)

Friday 20th July: Last day (finish time TBC)

Monday 25th June (TBC) - Hippos to Rare Breeds Centre

As always, please look over the school calendar as much as you can.