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Intended Learning WC 05.02.18

Class R Hippos
For week beginning: 5th February 2018
Class Messages

The final week of term is here, and we have a lovely week of activities planned for the morning.

On Monday (5th) we will be taking the children of a tour of the village so we can explore and talk about the beautiful buildings that appear just on our doorstep. We will finish up in 'Weeks' Bakery for a hot chocolate and cookie (hopefully you've all had the email about the small cost involved here).

Tuesday morning is my PPA session, and on Thursday I will be at the EYFS Conference for the day so Mrs Coleman will lead the day using the planning I leave for her.

Forest School - A reminder that after the half term break, the groups swap sessions, so the morning group will swap to afternoon and vice versa.

Friday is a PTFA non school uniform day - donations of small items for 'hook a bag' please.

We will send home PE bags for their half-termly wash. We always check through each bag ahead of sending them home to match up any mixed up items with their rightful owner.


Children explore lengths, heights and weights, learning to compare each of these, using direct comparison. Children lay lengths alongside each other, understanding the need for a baseline, and do the same with three items of different heights. They then learn to measure a length or height using a non-standard uniform unit, such as a crayon or footprint. Children compare items of the same size but different weight using balances and then measure these using uniform non-standard units such as conkers or pebbles.

Phonics and Literacy

Phonics sounds: We learn to read and write the digraph 'er' within words

Tricky word: 'her'

Our writing focus is our 'Big Write' focusing on the genre of a recount; . The children have spent the last week or so engaing in activities to support them with their writing task, familiarising themselves with the style of recounts, gathering ideas both in the Forest and in the classroom to enable them to write a recount about their time spent in the Forest.

While the children are on a roll, we will also work towards writing a recount of our village walk-around.

Expressive Art & Design

With Chinese New year approaching, we will dedicate a day to arts and crafts activities centred around the festival. Children will learn about the festival, about why it happens and how it is celebrated. We will then get stuck in to making dragons, lanterns, hats etc and perhaps enjoys some traditional Chinese snacks as we go.