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Intended Learning WC 4.06.18

Class R Hippos
For week beginning: 4th June 2018
Class Messages

Welcome back to the final term of this academic year, I do hope you had a brilliant break and that the Hippos are ready for a action packed term.

This term we will be looking at 'Nature' as our over-arching theme. At the end of last term I asked the children what they'd be interested in learning about and the general concensus pointed towards this. We will also be thinking about 'moving on' through some of the transition work we will be doing, with the aim to really get the children used to the idea of moving on to year 1.

This Week: I am out moderating for Kent County Council on Monday and Tuesday and Thursday afternoon so Mrs Mileham will be taking the lead on these days. She will teach my usual lessons as well as attempt to make a Meghan scarecrow with the children. I am very much looking forward to seeing the outcome. This sums up my moderating commitments so back to business as usual next week. Mrs Coleman is also not at school on Monday and Tuesday and you will have seen the note regrding this in your child's reading record. Reading books will be changed on Wednesday 6th June. Do feel free to use your own collection of books to support your child's reading as well.

Friday afternoon - we have a 'stay and play' session for our 2018/19 new entrants. You may remember coming to these yourselves last year! Here Hippos children will start to get used to the idea that they will be moving on soon, and new Hippos will later be coming to the school.

Sunny weather: We endeavour to spend as much time outdoors as possible, so please ensure your child has a sunhat available to them at all times (labelled please!) and please apply a generous layer of long lasting sunscreen to your child in the morning. We do have a box full of spare hats, so we always ensure the children's heads are protected, but we do ask you to liberally apply sunscreen. We always ensure the children have access to water whenever they want it, and we are lucky that much of the outdoor area we used is shaded. In extreme heat, rest assured that we will not stay outdoors for prolonged amounts of time.


This week is all about counting, ensuring all children can count on and back to/from any number to 20. Children also rehearse counting to 100 and begin to cement in the patterns of numbers in the count and the special ʻtensʼ numbers. We revisit counting in 10s to 100.

Literacy & Phonics

This week, our 'Nature' theme will largely focus on mini beasts. The class will go on a mini beast hunt, becoming 'nature detectives'. The children will use magnifying glasses and bug collecting jars to view their finds closely. Children will also use the ipads to take careful, close-up photographs of the mini beasts habitat. The children will use a range of resources (the library, ipads, own knowledge, asking adults) to further research the mini beast that interests them the most, and they will work towards creating a fact-file about their creature of choice. Finally, we will put all of the fact files together to create a class 'mini-beast encyclopaedia'. We will also look carefully at non-fiction books to understand their purpose, how to use them, and why they are different from fiction books.

Phonics: We have largely completed Phase 4 phonics. Traditionally, Phase 5 is taught in year 1 but at this stage I like to introduce a few of the concepts from this phase for those children that are ready. We will continue to revisit Phase 4 tricky words throughout the term as these words are largely learnt through memory, so the more we revisit the better!

We will also continue work on cursive handwriting. In Reception class, we really only focus on the 'entry stroke' of each letter, so it's really important to encourage our child to start each letter 'on the line' and the entry stroke nearly always slides upwards. The exit stroke is taught in Year 1.

Moving and Handling

In PE this term we will be looking at 'athletics'. Children will learn a range of throwing, jumping, and sprinting techniques over the term, which will be sure to help them with the very exciting Sports Day at the end of term. Please note we will inform you in detail of how sports day runs a little closer to the time.

Expressive Art & Design

This week the children will create beautiful artwork to go in their bug fact-file. They will begin with observational sketches of the bug they are fact-filing. They will then use the delicate pointillist technique of Georges Seurat and Paul Signac to create really eye catching, thoughtful pointillist art.

Dates for your Diary

Saturday 9th June: Village Fete

Monday 18th June: Whole School Photograph

Friday 22nd June: INSET - school closed for staff training

Monday 25th June: Hippos to Rare Breeds Centre

Friday 13th July: Sports day (am) Open afternoon (pm)

Friday 20th July: Last day (finish time TBC)

Monday 23rd and Tuesday 24th July - INSET, school closed

As always, please look over the school calendar as much as you can.