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Intended Learning WC 05.09.17

Class R Hippos
For week beginning: 2nd September 2017
Class Messages

The time has finally arrived for your little ones to become little 'Hippos' at Goudhurst and Kilndown CEP School. I am so excited about seeing them all on Tuesday, and look forward to easing them into the early stages of an amazing learning journey. I am sure you are just as excited as they are, but also a little anxious and emotional about it to, we will do everything we can to help ease those worries.

This week, the children start school with everyone else at 8.45am. Please walk to the rear of the school and wait outside our classroom. The bell will ring at 8.45am (you may want to let your child know that they will hear this noise so as not to alarm them) the rest of the school will line up, but myself, Mrs Coleman and Mrs Khan will come out to direct our children in. It would be really helpful if you could tell your child that they should sit on the carpet when the bell has gone. There will inevitably be some sad faces and tears. Please allow us to help your child in to class; the sooner they are in, the sooner they settle. If your child is really upset, do not worry - we will phone you as soon as we can to let you know all is ok.

The school day finishes at 12pm this week and the children should be collected from the side entrance (there is a side door to our classroom which we ask you to wait outside) We only allow the children to go once we have seen you, this at first can be a longer process than usual as safeguarding is priority. We cannot allow the children to go with an adult we don't recognise, so please phone the office to let them know if someone different is collecting your child. The children will take home what we call a 'book bag' (plastic wallet) which will contain some reading books and a home planner. There will be letters in the book bag to explain expectations with reading and managing the planner.

The purpose of the 'This week's learning' tab on our web page is to inform you of what your child will be learning at school in the week. I also like to put on key dates; however it is important that you keep an eye on the school calendar as the main source of information. As time goes on, I will be more specific about what the children are learning with regards to 7 areas of learning in the Early Years Foundation Stage. But at the very beginning of their learning journey, the children will largely be familiarising themselves with the classroom, their teachers, their peers and the wider school environment. They will also begin to 'learn to learn' amongst a class of 30 children, thinking about how we can all work together to ensure a productive time at school.

Finally, please keep your eyes peeled for a home-visit sign-up sheet which we will leave on the wooden table outside of the side entrance of the classroom. During the afternoons of weeks 2 and weeks 3, we would love to come for a short visit to your home (approx 15mins) so we can see your child in the environment that is most familiar to them, and to allow you the chance to ask any questions, discuss any worries, pass on any celebrations about your child. This really is a short visit; vacuuming, dusting, cake-baking is absolutely not required. If the times available do not suit you I will do my best to arrange an alternative with you. The visit is not compulsorary.

2buildaprofile (Observations)

Over the next couple of weeks you should receive a link from '2build a profile' that you should click on should you want to see photos and observations of your child during their school day. Please understand that these observations are taken 'on the go' and may occasionally have the odd typo. The purpose of these observations is to document your child's development and we refer to them as 'profiles'. From July 2016 'profiles' became non statutory, but we feel this kind of formative assessment is good practice and additionally allows you a lovely insight to your child's day. It is also important to be aware that these observations do notnecessarily 'sum up' where we think your child's capabilities are at that moment in time, we may have captured a snap-shot of your child's learning half way through an activity for example. Also, we find these observations really boost your child's confidence, they love knowing that Mummy or Daddy is going to see what they've achieved regardless of the scale.

Timetable and Topic Web

Please have a look at the class timetable using the tab on Hippos page on the website. It is important to understand that due to the nature of the Early Years curriculum, we can be very flexible with the timetable so things may not always happen as you see them. Also, please be aware that this term, the children will be taught by Mrs Mileham every Tuesday morning as she is covering me for my PPA time (Planning, Preperation and Assessment)

You will also find the Topic Web on the class web page. This is an over view of the termly learning.

Things to bring in...

The children should arrive at school dressed in full school uniform. It's highly recommended that every item your child brings in is labelled. If you are not sure what the uniform consists of, please look at the 'Parent Partnership' tab on the website.

Children should also bring in a PE bag with kit. This will stay on their peg until half term where we send it home for a wash.

Children should bring in a pair of wellies to go on the wooden shelves outside the classroom. These should also have your child's name on them; feel free to place them directly into the shelving when you arrive at school so your child doesn't have to carry to much in.

(PE kits and wellies are not required immediatly so do not panic if you haven't sorted this yet!)

The children do not require pencil cases or water bottles. Although we provide snacks for the children, they are able to bring in additional fruit. Please remember that we are a nut-free school.

Dates for your Diary

Friday 8th September, straight after drop off; Coffee morning for Hippo's parents in the school hall.

Friday 22nd September: Jenes for Genes day (children may wear jeans with the rest of their school uniform for a donation to this charity)

Thursday 19th October, 2pm: Hippos children, along with their Year 6 buddies are treated to a Magic show in the school hall, this is funded by the PTFA and is to celebrate the special bonds already forming between the children.

Friday 27th October: Last day of term 1.


Please note, Mrs Roberts has arranged 'Meet the Headteacher' sessions for parents. They are on the 20th, 22nd and 28th September and allow you a private meeting with the headteacher to get to know her, discuss any worries, ask any questions etc. There was an opporunity to sign up to these at the welome meeting in July. Otherwise, please enquire at the school office about booking a slot.