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Week commencing 26/2/18

Class 6 Lions
For week beginning: 26th February 2018

Some more questions - try as many as you can - challenge yourself!

Maths problems - Angles

Maths problems - Measurement

GPS word classes


Please complete the following - no need to print out, but try and do the questions on a seperate piece of paper.

I have included answer to check against on completion - no cheating! :)

You also have the spellings.   

We were due to mark and handout last weeks homework on Tuesday and obviously that didn't happen.  Homework will be revised (reduced) as a result - when we eventually make it in. Thanks. Mr G.




1.  Parent consultations -  bookings are being taken 6th and 7th March.  As before, pupils will be asked to attend for the first 5 minutes to present their updated portfolios.Raising money for the RNLI - we need books!   Following a fantastic personalised visit to the Whitstable RNLI, we have said that we would raise some money for the lifeboats.   I was thinking we could keep a box of books out for sale for parents/children lower down in the school to buy.    If you have some books that are in relatively good condition, that others may read and you are willing to give away, please bring them in.   

2.  Number Crunch Club - I still have lots of place available - if you have not signed up, please do so.  All comers are welcome. The sessions are helping to supplement (in a fun way) the learning we are doing in class.  If your child has any 'gaps' in their understanding, they should come along.  It finishes at 4.15pm.  Biscuits definitely feature :)


Having completed our unit on algebra, we will be starting a comprehensive revision of all Maths curriculum areas. 

These week we will focus on:  Fraction problems, Time problems, Pie Charts (including construction of) and angles on a point and in shape.


GPS: will include

Determiners, noun phrases, subjunctive, conjuntions (subordinating & coordinating), pronouns and possessive pronouns and verb tenses.

We will be completed our Geography information texts (on computer) before starting a newspaper writing module.   To celebrate World Book Day, we will have a children's author, Emily Hanna, coming in to school on Wednesday; she will be working with Year 6 for part of the morning.

Spellings - are below on Quizlet. 


We will be completing the write up and assessment of our investigation of  the effects and properties of solvents.

On Monday, we will also be celebrating National Science Week:  Professor Bubbleworks will be visiting out school and completing a variety of sessions with all our classes - watch this space (I have no idea what he will be doing yet!).


PE with Mrs Mileham on Friday - please make sure that PE kits are in.


Children will complete Pathbrite e-portfolio updates. 


DUE IN MONDAY 5th March 

1.  Reading - continue with at least 4 times a week.

2.  SATS Buster Grammar - P

3.  SATS Buster Geometry - P

3.  SATS Buster  Number - P

4.  SATS Buster Arithmetic - P

5.  SATS Buster Punctuation - P

4.  Spellings - to be tested on 5th March.  Continuing the 102 word Year 5/6 Statutory Word list.   Mrs Wyatt set these last year and my plan is to randomly choose 20 words in the test from the list each week for the next few week. Children are expected to know and use these words regularly in their portfolio of writing.   QUIZLET LINK