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Week commencing 25/6/18

Class 6 Lions
For week beginning: 25th June 2018

1.  KS2 Performance:  I will sent the costume list out on Monday.  Please feel free to 'adapt'  - those with 2 parts, I suggest having a standard 'base' costume but have 'accessories' to allow for a quick change. 

2.  Fun photos!   Thanks to those that have given me one so far.  Please could everyone else send/give me a sneaky fun photo of your son/daughter as a toddler/infant that I can use during the leavers service please - one will do.  The more cute/embarrassing, the better.  Please could you either email an digital copy or hand one in to me in person. Many thanks.

3.  Pet Service at St Mary's: Sunday 1 July.   There will be a special 'Pets' themes church service on Sunday morning.  It would be lovely if as many Year 6 children could be there with their pets. For those interested, I will give you more details this week when I know.


The children will be completing the Rollercoaster project - looking at proportion and ratio.


The children will be continuing their 'Our Amazing School' project, which will including recording and editting their videos.


Designing and creating a World Cup Football strip based on the research done during the homework.


This is the last week in order to learn lines.  We have had one session with Mr Gilder, but we will be starting to work to focus on on-stage interaction.    Dance workshops with Mrs Plewes and Mileham.   Small group workshops for sub-scene interactions.


One things only - final week to learn lines.  Next week - no scripts!