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Week commencing 19/3/18

Class 6 Lions
For week beginning: 19th March 2018

1. Forest school - next (final) week.  To make up for a missed FS day, we will be having Forest school next Wednesday (28th Mar).  There will be no FS on the final day of term - 29th.

2. Easter Service - Thursday 29th March at 2pm in St Mary's.  Please come and join us.


Another packed week, revising the following areas:  BODMAS (including squared and cubed numbers), 'Reverse' word problems, parts of a circle and intersection lines/angles, fraction and percentage word problems.


A big focus on GPS this week.   Monday will be 'tenses day' - revising all tenses.  Subjunctive form, clauses including relative clauses, direct speech punctuation.  At the end of the week, we will complete another practice paper.     

Spellings - are below on Quizlet. Tested Monday (18th March) first thing.


We will be reviewing results and writing up our Chromatography investigation. 


Mrs Stanford will continue our current module about 'Salvation'.  We will also use a section of the Easter story as inspiration to perform during the Easter Service. 


Coastal Art - using photography to recreate using pencil and colour.


DUE IN MONDAY 26th March 

1.  Reading - continue with at least 4 times a week.

2.  SATS Buster Grammar -Pages 18 & 19

3.  SATS Buster Arithmetic - Pages 22 & 23

3.  SATS Buster  Number - Pages 26 & 27

4.  SATS Buster Punctuation - Pages 31 & 32

5.  Spellings - to be tested on 26th March.  We are now moving onto the Y6 non-statutory words (another 100 or more).  This is the Quizlet with them all on them.  This week I will be testing the following twenty.

  1. vicious
  2. precious
  3. conscious
  4. delicious
  5. malicious
  6. suspicious
  7. ambitious
  8. cautious
  9. fictitious
  10. infectious
  11. nutritious
  12. official
  13. special
  14. artificial
  15. partial
  16. confidential
  17. essential
  18. observant
  19. observance
  20. observation