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Week commencing 18/6/18

Class 6 Lions
For week beginning: 18th June 2018

1.  Whole School Photograph - only take place every 3 years and on Monday it will be happening again. Please make sure your child is suitably presentable - especially those who are wearing a normal white shirt (non polo) must have a tie with it.  If no tie, either borrow one, or where the polo instead.  Thanks

2.  KS2 Performance:  I am starting to put together a costume list for specific parts in the play and will pass these out to you asap. 

3.  INSET:  Don't forget, this Friday is an INSET day so don't come into school. 

4..  Fun photos!  Please could I have a sneaky fun photo of your son/daughter as a toddler/infant that I can use during the leavers service please - one will do.  The more cute/embarrassing, the better.  Please could you either email an digital copy or hand one in to me in person. Many thanks.


The children will be completing the Rollercoaster project. 


The children will be continuing their 'Our Amazing School' project, which will including recording and editting their videos.


Structural wooden phase of the House project.


Quite a heavy rehearsal week.  Dance workshops with Mrs Plewes and Mileham.  Full run throughs of scenes - start to 'block' out stage.  Small group workshops for sub-scene interactions.


1. Continue to learn lines.

2.  Write a presentation to deliver to the class about your World Cup country.

It doesnt have to be a powerpoint, in fact it may be advantageous for it not to be - the focus is on speaking.  It should be no longer than 2 minutes.  Make it interesting and engaging for the audience - eg perhaps research surprising facts about the country.