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Week commencing 26/3/18

Class 6 Lions
For week beginning: 16th April 2018

1.  Apologies - realised that I had posted this week. 

2.  Parent information session & Hardelot briefing:  this Wednesday 1530-1630.  I will go through important information for the summer terms and also combine this with a briefing with about Hardelot.

3.  Passports and EHIC cards:  You will probably received a text from the office asking for these.  Please could you hand them in ASAP to the office.  Make sure that they are in date for the duration of the visit.


Arithmetic warm up - all operations.

Revision of percentages and fractions before the end of term.


Revision of all GPS areas.

Comprehension paper on Friday.

Planning and writing a short story:   The Black Hole or 'Free' by Emilie Sande.


The Tudors - placing the Tudor timeline and monarchs in a timeline.


DUE IN MONDAY 23rd April.  Please do not do it all at one, but try and spread over the holiday - keeping 'the engine' ticking over.  

1.  Reading - continue with at least 4 times a week.

2.  SATS Buster Grammar -Pages  27, 28 & 29

3.  SATS Buster Arithmetic - Pages 31 & 43

3.  SATS Buster  Number - Pages 28 & 34

4.  SATS Buster Punctuation - Pages 42 & 43

5.  Spellings - to be tested on 23rd April.  This is the Quizlet with them all on them (these are the non-statutory Y5/6 words) .  This week I will be testing the following twenty.  In addition, I am handing out all the the other non-statutory words too which are going to be used for the Spelling Bee competition.

  1. confident
  2. confidence
  3.  confidential
  4.  assistant
  5. assistance
  6. obedient
  7. obedience
  8. independent
  9. independence
  10. adorable
  11. adorably
  12.  adoration
  13.  applicable
  14. applicably
  15. application
  16. considerable
  17.  considerably
  18. consideration
  19. tolerable
  20. tolerably