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Week commencing 11/6/18

Class 6 Lions
For week beginning: 11th June 2018

1. Well done to all the children in Y6 for a great week in Hardelot.  We had a great time and they behaved impeccably and showed Goudhurst & Kilndown in the best possible light wherever we went.  I mentioned to some of the parents that on our return, an lovely Australian couple approached me to ask if I was very proud! They continued saying that they had never met such a well behaved group of children.  Could I also say a huge thankyou to Mrs Pimbeam an Mrs Khan who have provided fantastic support to me and the children over the past week (Mrs Pilbeam in the many weeks before in preparing) and Mrs Vincent for sorting out all the finance and admin.  Finally, to Mrs Chapman, who not only took amazing photographs (we will show more of them in due course), but was a great source of help to us, especially when Mrs K became a little poorly.  It was an outstanding week.  If you havent seen the photos, please take a look in the gallery.   Thanks to Joe and Leon, whom along with Mr Hardman, have kept really busy and done various tasks around school - in particular the new Trust Parable board - well done boys!

2.  KS2 Performance:  We have had our first run through the script whilst we are away.  Children are now expected to learn their lines as soon as possible.  Really, by the end of June, they should have them memorised so that they can start being more expressive and focus on the actual acting.   I will also be discussing costumes etc too. 

3.  Fete:  Unfortunately, I was away this weekend, but I hope it went well.  I look forward to hearing how much money was raised, photos etc.

4.  Staffing :  I will be out for the most of this week on various school-school support visits.  I will be back in Tuesday afternoon and all day Friday if anybody needs to see me.  Mr Hardman will be firmly grasping the reigns and will be delivering a mainly Science themed week - he will obviously be your main point of contact this week, when I am not in.

5. Kilndown Walk -On  Wednesday 13th June the children in KS2 will be going on their annual visit to Christ Church, Kilndown. The service begins at 9am and we would be grateful if parents could arrange to drop their son/daughter at the church to meet their teachers by 8.45am.  Those children who attend Breakfast Club will be taken to Kilndown by Mrs Wyatt. 

Following the service the children in Y6 will walk back to school via the Millennium Walk. The children may wear school uniform on the top half and trousers or jogging bottoms.  Please ensure your son/daughter has wellington boots or old shoes and a waterproof coat if the weather looks unsettled, and a sun hat if warm.  They may bring a plastic water bottle if they wish.  We would therefore be grateful for offers from parents to either accompany us on their walk back to school along the Millennium Walk.

 If any parent would like to join us, that would be lovely - if you could let me or Mr Hardman know on Monday/Tuesday please.    We will start the service at 0900, so will probably leave church at around 0920-0930.

6.  Fun photos!  Please could I have a sneaky fun photo of your son/daughter as a toddler/infant that I can use during the leavers service please - one will do.  The more cute/embarrassing, the better.  Please could you either email an digital copy or hand one in to me in person. Many thanks.


The children will be using Maths to start planning their Tutor Houses for DT.


Introducing 'Our Amazing School' project.


With Mr Goodman:  Sprint technique then rounders.


We will try and start our Tudor House project - planning phase.


Full run throughs of scenes - start to 'block' out stage.  Small group workshops for sub-scene interactions.


This will be a Science themed week:  We will be covering the following Biology:

Flowering and non-flowering plants including reproduction.

Ecology - food chains and reproduction in animals.

Finally, there be an investigation using live fruit flies (I promise no ticks!)


Learning lines for parts in the KS2 Performance.  Realistically, there are only a couple of weeks to do so, before we really start focussing on the acting/interaction.