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W/C 4 June 2018 - Hardelot Week!

Class 6 Lions
For week beginning: 4th June 2018
Final Preps/Wellie Update

Well just a couple of days to go - very exciting   Please read these following final notes.

1.  Time of departure:  Please be in school no earlier than 0830 (we will be very busy getting ready) and no later than 0845.  When children arrive they should leave their bags on the grassy area directly outside the school office - when the coach arrives, we can directly load them on.  Children should then proceed to Y6 with their backpack (including lunch and any medicines) - medicines must be handed in to Mrs Pilbeam.    If you have retained your Passport/EHIC card to use over the holiday, please remember to bring in with you and hand it in to Mrs Pilbeam.  We are aiming to leave at 0915.

2.  Weather/Kit:  It is not too cold, not too warm and at least it will be dry.  I recommend not bringing wellies, wooly hats, gloves and scarves!  Children are reminded not to bring any electronic devices whatsoever.   Remember your pack of biscuits!

3.  Tents:  The following children asked to stay in a tent for some of the week at least - as I mentioned last week, they will need sleeping bags (pillows and roll-mats are provide by the centre though).

Archie, Jack, Carter, William, Sam, Jake, Aidan, Bethan, Grace, Hayley, Hugo, Ryan, Sophie & Charlotte.

If your name is not down but may think you would like to stay in a tent sometime during the week, this maybe possible, so bring a sleeping bag anyway.  Everyone else will be provided with bedding.    Temperature overnight is reasonably warm so no need for extra pyjamas! 

3.  Communication:  We will be blogging daily (evening) with photos etc).  Please feel free to comment on any of the blogs.  In an emergency, you may contact me on my phone number which I gave out at the Hardelot meeting - if you don't have it, please come and see me on Monday morning. 

4.  Return time:  We are aiming for 4.30 on the Friday afternoon.  There may be chance that we could be earlier, ferry crossing permitting - I will be texting everyone anyway with updates, so please check your phones. 

A bientot....

Monsieur G