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Week commencing 2/10/17

Class 6 Lions
For week beginning: 2nd October 2017

1.  Cake sale - many thanks to everyone for running, contributing towards and buying cakes on Friday.  I look forward to hearing how much we have collected and then we can decide how we will spend the money. 

2.  Maya Day - will be Thursday morning.  Mayan outfit is optional, though it would be great to see some Kings, Queens etc.

3. Maths Open Morning - Date for the diary - Wednesday 18 October.   The school will be 'open' for parents/guardians to come and be involved with our Maths lessons on the morning of 18th October after drop off in the morning.  Parents are also invited to come to our collective worship afterwards from 1015-1035 too.   There will be a sign up at reception shortly.

4.  E-Portfolios - Just so that you are aware, all children now have an e-portfolio running which they can access at home and at school using a username/password.   They will be storing school and homebased 'celebrations' which will be showcased at parent consultations. 

5. Spellings  - this week's are in the homework section below.  Can I just say that there has been a rapid improvement in children spellings this week - thank you for your support.  Many children are saying that the quizlet that I have set up is helping - if your child hasnt tried it, please would you direct them to the link.  Thanks.

6.  Play equipment - your children may have told you that we have been writing to lots of different local businesses to donate items.  Jewsons in Tunbridge Wells have already agreed to give us items and I am sure there will be more.  We now need to pick it up.  If anybody would be able to collect some items I would be very grateful: please let me know:

  • Pallets
  • Wheel barrow
  • Blue or Green tarpaulin
  • Rhino tubs selection of a few sizes

Fractions continued - this week we will be working with adding and subtracting unlike mixed number, word problems and then moving on to multiplication and division of unlike fractions and mixed numbers.   We will also continue previous work converting fractions to decimals.  


We will be starting a new project - using a wonderful film stimulus, we will be build up the elements of a narrative, including setting description, emotion description, tension techniques and prediction:  this will culminate in an assessed 'big write'.  Children will be expected to start using more complex punctuation including colons and semi colons within their writing.

We will also continue practising application of VIPERS when reading, which will allow for much higher degrees of comprehension: 

V - vocabulary.

I - inference

P - prediction

E - explanation

R - retrieval

S - summarise


Very much a practical session this week with children creating experiments building their own circuits and testing different elements and components in their circuit.


Two RE sessions - one with Mrs Stanford, continuing her unit about Creation.  Mr Goodman will also discussing and getting the children to write about comparisons between Creationism and Science (Cosmology & Evolution).


With Mrs Mileham on Friday afternoon.  All children to make sure they have the correct PE kit.


The Ukelele lessons are starting to pick up in difficulty.  We will try and squeeze in an additional session this week.


1.  Reading - continue with at least 4 times a week.

2.  MA - one page.

3.  Learning Journal - Maths: Please read instruction below:


This activity will help your child visualise how nets are folded to form different shapes.

Important words and phrases:

  • net
  • tab

You will need:

  • pencil
  • ruler
  • scissors
  • sticky tape
  • squared paper (optional)

What to do:

  • Look around the home for some packaging for toiletries and foodstuffs, such as tissue boxes, food packaging, cardboard tubes and so on.
  • Ask your child to carefully cut open the shape and lay it flat to reveal the net. You may wish to suggest to your child that they try to cut only along the edges of the shape, where two faces of the shape are joined.
  • When your child has successfully cut the packaging open, ask: “Do you think that there are any other possible nets of this shape?” Discuss your child’s answers.
  • Ask your child to cut each net into the individual shapes that make up the net (so, for example, a cereal box will give you a set of rectangles of different sizes). Then ask them to rearrange the shapes to make a new net for the same 3D shape.
  • Please bring your completed nets into school – we will be hanging them from the ceiling!  Any more unusual shapes are most welcome!

4.  Spellings - list 3:  Quizlet link.






















In addition to designing Christmas Cards (yes, true!), we will continue composition landscapes of Mayan City, Chichen Itza.