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Week Beginning Monday 29th January 2018 (Miss Wilkins)

Class 5 Zebras
For week beginning: 29th January 2018

Welcome to week five (!!) of term three. Only two weeks until half term!! Can you believe it?

We continue to fly through the curriculum and spend our days working hard and having fun (I hope!).

I have stated that this I am giving the children a break with MA as I am growing increasingly aware that the children must become secure in their times tables. Therefore, rather than submitting their MA on Thursday, I would like them to come in ready to be tested up to 12 times tables. It is incredibly important that the children know them by year 5 as our maths lessons are surrounded by them (as the children are aware!). The next submission date in Thursday 8th February and one page is expected to have been completed.

We continue to have trumpet lessons this term as part of our music curriculum. We will still have our lessons every Tuesday afternoon. I will be sending children home with their trumpets this week to practise at home.  

Our PE lessons this term continue to be every Monday and Tuesday afternoon. The children are expected to have a full PE kit and trainers.

Last week we had our RSE session and the children were incredible and had a great time. If you have any questions regarding the work shops please pop in and see me.

Good luck to all the children of the choir performing at the 02 on Monday!!! We can’t wait to hear all about it1

I look forward to the week ahead; I hope the children are too!

Miss Wilkins

For week beginning: 29th January 2018

-In our reading sessions the children will be using Reading VIPERS to help with their comprehensive skills. This involves children looking at vocabulary, inference, predictions, explanations, retrieval of information and sequencing or summarising within a chosen text. Further to this, the children have each selected a reading book which they continue to be expected to take home every evening and read for 20 minutes either independently or with someone else (even if they read to their pet). We are lucky to have a wonderful parent reader who is reading with the children each week and they will be expected to read the book they have selected to read independently.  We are always looking for help with parent readers so if anyone is interested and willing to support our children in their reading then please pop in and see me at any point this term.

-In our Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling lessons this week we will be looking at nouns and noun phrases, working at greater depth with commas and modal verbs. The children will also be set their person spellings for the fourth test on Wednesday 31st January.

Our literacy and writing lessons these two weeks will turn our attention to our key text ‘How to Train your Dragon’.  This is the first in the collection by the author Cressida Cowell. We will be reading up to chapter 10 and the children will be gaining the tools and knowledge to write a recount in the form of a diary entry.


-Our Mathematic lessons begin each day with a mental maths activity. This term we are working on answering multi-step operations using addition, multiplication, division and subtraction.

-This week in our Inspire Maths lessons we will be focusing on long division. We shall then turn our attention to units of measure, including grams and kilograms, litres and millilitres and converting units of length.

-As stated I am giving the children an MA pass this week and ask that they practise their times tables. I shall be testing them on Thursday 1ST February. All children have access to the amazing Times Table Rock Stars and usernames and passwords can be found in their planners.


We begin our new top of The Vikings and Saxons. This week we shall be exploring Danegeld.  


Within our art lessons this term we will be completing sketch portraits of the Last Anglo-Saxon Kings.  


This term we will be exploring ‘what is the date’? This week we will continue to learn to ask and respond to the date in French.


-Within my PE sessions this term we will be focussing on hockey.  This week we will be learning to send and receive the ball with confidence.

-Mrs Mileham will be continuing the theme of invasion games and shall be teaching dance.

-All children are expected to take part in the daily mile run at 9am. No trainers…no run!

-Please can it be reminded that PE kits and trainers should be in school every single day of the school week.


-This week we will be launching our lessons on internet safety.


-Throughout Year Five the children will learn to play the trumpet. Each child will have their own trumpet to play with and it is their responsibility to ensure it is kept clean. Our sessions are every Tuesday afternoon and the children are responsible for remembering their instrument.


In their learning journals this week the children must firstly complete some research and identify and locate the names and villages, towns and cities which were named during the Anglo-Saxon period. They can present their findings on a map. Secondly, I would like them all to spend either 10 minutes a day on Times Table Rock Stars, or complete and Accelerated reader, or both. Children are expected to come ready on Thursday to show their full understanding of the times tables up to the 12s.