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Week Beginning 20th November 2017 (Miss Wilkins)

Class 5 Zebras
For week beginning: 20th November 2017

Welcome to week four of term two! Can you believe we are almost half way through the term?


And so the week we have all been waiting for has finally arrived…performance week! The children have worked incredibly hard and have put everything they have in to rehearsing and perfecting their role in preparation for Wednesday. As the email stated, the children must be collected from school at 12.30 PM (we will still have lunch at school before leaving). They must be at the Trinity Theatre for 1.30 ready for our technical and dress rehearsal. We ask they bring a packed tea to eat before our show, which kicks off at 7pm. We will not know the running order until the night. The children will be expected to stay with myself and the chaperones from the moment they arrive until 9.20pm when they will be collected. If you still have difficulty with transportation to or from the show please contact me by Monday afternoon at the latest so we can help make a plan for your child. I would ask that all children begin to bring their costumes in on Monday, ready for a dress rehearsal on Tuesday.  

Can it please be reminded AGAIN that every Tuesday we have trumpet lessons. Therefore, every child MUST have their trumpets in school. We do not have any additional trumpets to provide if a child has forgotten theirs. It is the children’s responsibility to bring them to school and they will therefore miss out. We become very slack at the end of term, which was incredibly disappointing.

We continue to have Forest school this term. As the weather is getting colder, children are expected to come in multiple layers, with waterproofs and appropriate footwear.  

Thank you to each and every one of you who was able to attend our successful parent’s consultation evening last week. It was lovely to see you all and inform you or how well the term has gone and the targets for each child. As mentioned, if you would like to catch up for a longer session, please book an appointment with myself for a later date. Huge congratulations to all children who presented their Pathbrite profile. I’m sure you would agree that they did a fantastic job and we cannot wait to see their next presentation in due course. The children are free to log on throughout the year to update their profile.

Just a note, I shall be absent from school on Thursday, so Mrs Reid and Mrs Clarke shall be organising and supporting the children all day. They will still be at forest school so the normal routine will stay the same.

Due to our Shakespeare performance, our spelling test will instead take place on Wednesday morning for one week only. We will return to Wednesday afternoon the following week.

We are becoming more and more slack at bringing in our PE kit. PE takes place on a Monday and Friday, therefore all children must always have a PE kit school at all times. Trainers should be in every day for the mile run. No trainers, no run!

I look forward to everyone returning,


Miss Wilkins

For week beginning: 20th November 2017

-In our reading sessions the children will be using Reading VIPERS to help with their comprehensive skills. This involves children looking at vocabulary, inference, predictions, explanations, retrieval of information and sequencing or summarising within a chosen text. Our chosen text for the next couple of weeks is ‘Wind in the Willows’ and we shall be focussing on predictions and explanations within comprehension.  Further to this, the children have each selected a reading book which they continue to be expected to take home every evening and read for 20 minutes either independently or with someone else (even if they read to their pet). We are lucky to have a wonderful parent reader who is reading with the children each week and they will be expected to read the book they have selected to read independently.  We are always looking for help with parent readers so if anyone is interested and willing to support our children in their reading then please pop in and see me at any point this term.

-In our Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling lessons this week we will still be focussing on colons and words ending with ‘ible/able’.

Our literacy lessons this week will move to focus on the story of Wing. The children will be focussing on character descriptions, emotive language for a character’s feelings, pathetic fallacy and writing a prequel. Within our lessons we will also revisit sentence structures including subordinate clauses and expanding noun phrases.  


-Our Mathematic lessons begin each day with a mental maths activity. This term we are working on answering multi-step operations using addition, multiplication, division and subtraction.

-This week in our Inspire Maths lessons we will be moving on to explore adding and subtracting mixed numbers.

-Further to our maths lessons, each week we will be spending a short period of time looking at reasoning and problem solving through multi step operations.

-We continue to use MA books as homework to consolidate the children’s mathematical learning. MA books are due in every Thursday.


-The children are incredibly lucky this term to have three separate PE teachers! Within my PE sessions we will be taking part in invasion games, in particular the sport of netball. In our first session this week we will be identifying and completing the different passes in netball, including the chest pass, bounce pass and shoulder pass.

-Mrs Mileham will be continuing the theme of invasion games and shall be teaching tag rugby.

-Mrs Stanford will be working with the children on cross country running.

-All children are expected to take part in the daily mile run at 9am.

-Please can it be reminded that PE kits and trainers should be in school every single day of the school week.


-Throughout Year Five the children will learn to play the trumpet. Each child will have their own trumpet to play with and it is their responsibility to ensure it is kept clean. Our sessions are every Tuesday afternoon and the children are responsible for remembering their instrument.


-As previously mentioned, the children this week are required to participate in twenty minutes of reading each evening this week. I ask that the children keep a log of how many pages or chapter they read each time in their planner.

-Our spelling tests continue to be every Wednesday afternoon. It is evident that not all children are revising their spellings. It is important that we take this seriously and we improve our writing and spelling.

-For their learning journals, children have been asked to write a diary entry detailing their thoughts and feelings about the up and coming performance of the tempest. I have asked for a minimum of   four paragraphs and for all children to use adjectives within their writing.