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Week Beginning Monday 16th April 2018 (Miss Wilkins)

Class 5 Zebras
For week beginning: 16th April 2018

A BIG warm (hopefully it’s warm) welcome back to the SUMMER term!! I hope everyone had a wonderful half term and the children are well rested and eager to start the last two terms of Year 5!

This week the children shall be introduced to our new topic, the Ancient Greeks. We loved learning about the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings, however I am very excited to learn about our new topic! A heads up, we have our Victrix visit on Wednesday 16th May where we will explore the Ancient Greeks (children can wear costume!). 

The children were asked to read an entire book throughout the holidays. This was to help increase their reading and I also asked them to complete an Accelerated Reader comprehension activity once they were done. If you have any problems, please do ask the children to sort these with me. Most books should be on there! TO LOG ONTO ACCELERATED READER CLICK HERE:

We shall hit the ground running this week and start as we mean to go on. We still have our spelling tests this Wednesday and the children should have been practising for the up and coming spelling be. I shall have confirmation of our date ASAP and shall send a text out to inform all. Until then please encourage the children to keep learning.

Trumpet lessons return on Tuesday afternoon and all children are required to participate.

MA books shall be returned this week and are due for submission on Thursday 19th April. Can all children return with their Learning Journals before Wednesday so I can attach their new homework.

Finally, we have our parent information sessions on Wednesday straight after school. It will be great to see as many of you as I can. If you cannot attend, please do look at our, albeit very blurry, topic web which covers the majority of what we shall be doing these summer terms.

Miss Wilkins

For week beginning: 16th April 2018

-In our reading sessions the children will be using Reading VIPERS to help with their comprehensive skills. This involves children looking at vocabulary, inference, predictions, explanations, retrieval of information and sequencing or summarising within a chosen text. Further to this, the children have each selected a reading book which they continue to be expected to take home every evening and read for 20 minutes either independently or with someone else (even if they read to their pet). We are lucky to have a wonderful parent reader who is reading with the children each week and they will be expected to read the book they have selected to read independently.  Please ensure they are logging on to Accelerated Reader when they have completed a book! We are always looking for help with parent readers so if anyone is interested and willing to support our children in their reading then please pop in and see me at any point this term. This week we will be answering comprehension questions with regards to an extract from the text Great Expectations.  

-In our Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling lessons this week we will be focussing on commas and conjunctions. Our spelling test will be held on Wednesday afternoon.

-In our writing lessons this week we shall be looking at poetry and our focus shall be on the text ‘The Dreadful Menace’. Within this we shall be exploring figurative language, stanzas and performing poems.  


-Our Mathematic lessons begin each day with a mental maths activity. This term we are continuing to work on answering multi-step operations using addition, multiplication, division and subtraction and problem solving and reasoning questions.

-This week in our Maths lessons we will be revisiting percentages of amounts and then moving on to angles.

-MA continues to be due in every Thursday. 


This term we will be exploring ‘clothes’.


-Within my PE sessions this term we will be focussing on game making.

-Mrs Mileham will be focussing on cricket.

-All children are expected to take part in the daily mile run at 9am. No trainers…no run!

-Please can it be reminded that PE kits and trainers should be in school every single day of the school week. 


This term our focus is on Ecology. 


This term our focus terms to Judaism. This week we shall be making connections between Jewish practice, teachings from the Torah and their beliefs in God. 


This week we will be designing Ancient Greek theatre masks.  


This term we will be looking at using programming. This week we shall be looking at block and block code to control a robot.  


The Olympic Committee have asked you to create a new Olympic sport. Explain the rules of this new sport. Include diagrams to help your explanation.

Due date: Wednesday 25th April 2018