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Week Beginning Monday 11th September 2017 (Miss Wilkins: Monday-Thursday)

Class 5 Zebras
For week beginning: 11th September 2017

Welcome to the second week of term!

This week we hit the ground running with the Year Five curriculum after lots of Maths and English activities last week so expect lots of exciting learning this week!!

Also this week we have our 'Meet the Teacher' meetings on Tuesday and Thursday after school. I will be available for both sessions so pop along to find out a bit about me, one of the new teachers to the school, what we are going to be studying this term and further information on Swattenden and our Shakespeare production of 'The Tempest'.

We have our class photos on Wednesday 13th Septmber in the morning. Please come with a beautiful smile :)

Forest School starts this Thursday. The children are already aware which session, either morning or afternoon, they will be attending so please be prepared and ready for the exciting day.

I also, finally ask that, if they haven't already done so, children return their Swattenden documents to school by Monday at the latest. If you have difficulty printing or locating this please see me on Monday.

If you have any questions regarding this week please pop aling on Tuesday or Thursday or my door is always open for a quick chat.

I'm excited for this week, I hope the children are too!!!

Week Beginning Monday 11th September 2017

-In our reading sessions the children will spend the session either reading in their tables with a teacher, reading with each other or working through the comprehension activity. Further to this, the children have each selected a reading book which they will be expected to take home every evening and read for 15 minutes either independently or with someone else (even if they read to their pet). I ask that the children or adult write in their planners how much they have read so I can keep a log and know how they are getting on with the text. Some of the texts are my personal books so I ask that they are taken care of and returned to the class reading zone when finished with.

-In our Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling lessons this week we will be focussing on words with the string letter ‘ough’, subordination and coordination and the children will also receive their spellings to revise at home ready for our first spelling test on Wednesday 20th September. Please also note that our in class spelling tests will be on a Wednesday afternoon each week.

-Our writing sessions will begin with looking at figurative language, Idioms and then beginning to understand Shakespeare’s language. Our key text this term is ‘The Tempest’.


-Our Mathematic lessons begin each day with a mental maths activity. This term we are working on our times tables at speed. The children have two minutes to complete as many as they can.

-This week in our Inspire Maths lessons we will begin to explore Numbers to 10 million. Firstly, the children will gain confidence in counting on in ten thousands to one hundred thousand and then counting on in hundred thousands to one million. We will also be returning to looking at place value, in particular identifying the value and place of each digit in a 6-7 digit number.  Finally, we will be comparing numbers within 10 million; stating which numbers are greater or smaller and then arranging a set of numbers in order.

-We continue to use MA books as homework to consolidate the children’s mathematical learning. MA books are due in every Thursday.


-Our topic focus this term is ‘Geography: The World around Us’. Our session this week will be continuing with exploring continents and countries in the world, moving forward to look at the world’s oceans.


-Our computing lessons this term will be linking with our Geography sessions and studying weather reports, with the children aiming to use the green screen to create their own weather report at the end of the term.  Stage one of our weather reports is researching how the weather is presented and wat is required in a weather report.


-Throughout the term we will be exploring ‘Great Artists through Time’. This week we will be studying Leonardo da Vinci. We will begin by looking at the life and works of da Vinci, with the children aiming to create their own self portrait in their sketch books using sketching pencils.


-The children are incredibly lucky this term to have three separate PE teachers! Within my PE sessions we will be taking part in invasion games, in particular the sport of netball. In our first session this week we will be identifying and completing the different passes in netball, including the chest pass, bounce pass and shoulder pass.

-Mrs Mileham will be continuing the theme of invasion games and shall be teaching tag rugby.

-Mrs Stanford will be working with the children on cross country running.

-All children are expected to take part in the daily mile run at 9am.

-Please can it be reminded that PE kits and trainers should be in school every single day of the school week.

A bit of background… netball is my speciality sport. I play competitively three times a week for three different teams all over the county and each team in the premiership divisions. I am also a qualified C Award umpire, meaning that I can umpire at all school and adult district local league level. I am incredibly passionate about the sport  and will also be leading the school’s netball club and squad training this year.


-This term in French we will be looking at the theme ‘as-tu un animal?’/ ‘do you have a pet?’ In our session last week we explored France and shared our current knowledge and experiences of the country and language. The children were able to ask questions of their name, their age and how they are feeling. This week we will be revising core French vocabulary for family members and then moving to remember the numbers 1-100.


-Our theme for PSHE this term is Health and Well-being, particularly focussing on healthy lifestyles, keeping safe and finally growing and changing.  Over the next two weeks we will be exploring healthy lifestyles, firstly understanding what positively and negatively affects our physical, mental and emotional health and secondly understanding how to make informed choices (including recognising that choices can have positive, neutral and negative choices) and to begin to understand the concept of a ‘balanced lifestyle’. The children will be encouraged to think independently, listen to and share their ideas with a talking partner and eventually the entire class.


-Throughout Year Five the children will learn to play the trumpet. Each child will have their own trumpet to play with and it is their responsibility to ensure it is kept clean. I have asked the children to bring in an old rag to do so. If you have any old tea towels, t-shirts or dish cloths at home please send them in. I have already created label for each child to attach to their designated trumpet so don’t worry about that. We are, however, still a couple of weeks before starting our lessons so watch this space!


-As previously mentioned, the children this week are required to participate in fifteen minutes of reading each evening this week. We will eventually be moving this to twenty minutes as the term moves on. I ask that the children keep a log of how many pages or chapter they read each time in their planner.

-In their learning journals this week, which the children are free to decorate so long as they keep the name sticker visible, the children have been set Geography homework and English homework. Firstly, in Geography the children are required to look at every day household objects and identify the country or city they were manufactured in and then use their knowledge from our previous session to identify which continent these countries or cities are located in. This can be a family activity and I would like the children to write these in the provided table ready for a whole class discussion. In English the children have been asked to find the dictionary definition of the words achieve, aggressive, amateur, ancient and apparent. They are then required to write these words out five times (preferably without checking the correct spelling on the fifth attempt). Learning journals are due in on Thursday this week, however, moving forward they are always due in on a Wednesday morning.