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Weeks Beginning 4th and 8th January 2018 (Miss Wilkins)

Class 5 Zebras
For week beginning: 4th January 2018

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Where on earth did the holidays go? I hope you all had a wonderful break over Christmas and well rested and determined for a wonderful 2018!! 

This term we change topics and for the next two terms we will exploring and learning about the Vikings and Anglo Saxons. We will incorporate this into all our lessons, both core and foundation subjects.

I please ask that the children bring their learning journals and planners in to school on the first day of term, ready to set their spellings for the term and their homework to be returned next week. This term we continue to have our spelling tests every Wednesday, learning journals are due every Wednesday morning and MA books due every Thursday.  

The children should all have a reading book at home which they must read at least 20 minutes every evening. I will be taking new notes at the start of term to identify the books they are reading and checking their planners every Tuesday to ensure this is being recorded. The children can record this information themselves.

We continue to have trumpet lessons this term as part of our music curriculum. We will still have our lessons every Tuesday afternoon. I am waiting confirmation of our start date and shall inform you all as soon as I know.

Our PE lessons this term continue to be every Monday and Tuesday afternoon. The children are expected to have a full PE kit and trainers.

Finally, we have our parent information sessions on Tuesday 9th and Thursday 11th straight after school, which will run until 4pm. In these sessions you will discover what we are intending to learn throughout term 3 and 4.

Miss Wilkins

For week's beginning 4th and 8th January 2018

-In our reading sessions the children will be using Reading VIPERS to help with their comprehensive skills. This involves children looking at vocabulary, inference, predictions, explanations, retrieval of information and sequencing or summarising within a chosen text. Further to this, the children have each selected a reading book which they continue to be expected to take home every evening and read for 20 minutes either independently or with someone else (even if they read to their pet). We are lucky to have a wonderful parent reader who is reading with the children each week and they will be expected to read the book they have selected to read independently.  We are always looking for help with parent readers so if anyone is interested and willing to support our children in their reading then please pop in and see me at any point this term.

-In our Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling lessons these two weeks we will be looking at the comparison and securing of our knowledge of adverbs and adjectives, past and present tense verbs, relative clauses and prefixes and suffixes. Within our spellings information sessions we will be focussing on apostrophes for procession, words ending in aisle/isle, allowed/aloud, herd/heard and past/passed. The children will also be set their person spellings for the first test on Wednesday 10th January.

Our literacy and writing lessons these two weeks will turn our attention to our key text ‘How to Train your Dragon’.  This is the first in the collection by the author Cressida Cowell. We will read the first five chapters and shall write character descriptions and non-chronological reports.


-Our Mathematic lessons begin each day with a mental maths activity. This term we are working on answering multi-step operations using addition, multiplication, division and subtraction.

-This week in our Inspire Maths lessons we will be focusing once again on fractions. This time we shall be exploring products of proper fractions, word problems involving fractions, the product of an improper fraction and a proper or improper fraction and products of a mixed number and a whole number.


-We continue to use MA books as homework to consolidate the children’s mathematical learning. MA books are due in every Thursday, starting from Thursday 11th January.


We begin our new top of The Vikings and Saxons. This week we shall be exploring Viking raids and invasion; identifying where the Vikings came from.


Within our art lessons this term we will be doing all things Vikings and Saxons. This week we shall be designing and making Viking shields. Pease can I ask that the children come in to school on Wednesday 10th with either a cereal box or card board box.


This term we will be exploring ‘do you have a pet?’, what is the date? We shall be finishing with the weather.


-Within my PE sessions this term  we will be focussing on hockey.  

-Mrs Mileham will be continuing the theme of invasion games and shall be teaching dance.

-All children are expected to take part in the daily mile run at 9am. No trainers…no run!

-Please can it be reminded that PE kits and trainers should be in school every single day of the school week.


This term our PSHE lessons are focussing on relationships, focussing on feelings and emotions, healthy relationships and valuing difference. This week we shall be exploring how to respond appropriately to a wider range of feelings in others.


-Throughout Year Five the children will learn to play the trumpet. Each child will have their own trumpet to play with and it is their responsibility to ensure it is kept clean. Our sessions are every Tuesday afternoon and the children are responsible for remembering their instrument.


I will be setting homework on Friday 5th January, ready for submission on Wednesday 10th January.