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Week commencing 25 September 2017

Class 4 Giraffes
For week beginning: 23rd September 2017

We have been concentrating on the British Values of Respect, Responsibility, Law, Liberty, Democracy and Tolerance. 


Please feel free to pop in any time after school if you want a chat or I can plan a specific appointment time if necessary. 


1. Homework - Learning journal activity, hand in on Tuesday.  MA book, hand in on Thursday.  Spellings (week 3 to be learnt this week for test on Friday 28 September.  Please write in the planner when you hear your child read EVERY DAY.

2. Harvest Festival - thank you to those who came,it was a wonderful service.

3. School trip - adult group leaders needed - Wednesday October 4th, within school hours.   I have had four offers of help - PLEASE come and see me if you can help. I need three more parents.



This week we will be learning more about rounding numbers up to 10 and then up to 100 and using estimation in our calculations. Learning all the times tables and division tables is absolutely crucial now, please help your child.


We will continue learning about Romulus and Remus, finding out about their story and comparing stories and viewpoints, concentrating on role play and improving writing.  We have started the Year 4 spelling programme which is going well and concentrate on spellings in every piece of writing. We will be continuing handwriting practice as it is very important their wonderful joined up handwriting continues to improve as their style develops. Hopefully those children who always write neatly with joined up handwriting will be eligible for a pen licence.  Daily reading is expected, please write to confirm you have heard your child read in their planner (I am happy if they write in it).


Romulus and Remus and the art of mosaics. We will also be investigating the Conquest of the Romans.


We will also start our new Science module.  This term we will be studying physics, specifically Electricity.  We will be reviewing key information that we will need to complete the module as well as establishing what everybody already knows about electricity. We have had an introduction to Electricity and will be using water (don't panic) and charging balloons.


We have already started trying to answer the question "What do Christians learn from the Creation story?". This week, we will try to understand the impact the text of the Bible has on Christians and investigating the concept of world stewardship.


We will be doing some Cross Country running.  Please make sure you have full PE kit - no PE kit, no PE.  No trainers, no Mile Run.



This will be led by Mrs Mileham on a Tuesday afternoon while I have specific planned time for planning, preparation and assessment. Ukuleles at the ready!


This week we will be learning more about the numbers 1-10, then 11-20 and learn how to introduce oneself and ask another for their name.


1.  Reading - every day.  Don't forget to ensure the planner is written in - otherwise I will presume you are not hearing your child read.

2.  MA - one page.

3.  Learning Journal - see the information in the actual book.  It outlines the variety of homework pieces your child can choose from to do once a week.

4.  Spellings - see their planners.


Mosaics this week as part of our Romans topic.


Our topic this term is health and well being.  We have learnt about keeping ourselves clean and this week we will begin to reflect on our strengths and celebrate our achievements.