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intended learning for week commencing 21 May 2018

Class 4 Giraffes
For week beginning: 20th May 2018

Please remember to check the school website for calendar dates, the Summer Fete is coming soon and there are sign-up sheets on the window of our classroom - please spare a half hour or two to help out, it really helps everyone and is a great way of enjoyin the time on the Glebe Field.

Miss Limbu is on her third and final student teacher placement with us in Year 4 and her teaching workload will increase over the next week or so as she trains to be a teacher.  Miss Limbu has amazing things planned for the children and I know you will support her every step of the way. 

FOREST SCHOOL is on Wednesday.  Please see the Forest School section on the school website for details of what goes on, what to wear, etc.

If you are DRB checked, please come and hear one child (the same child) read two or three times a week from 3pm - just a little earlier than the usual pick up time.  We really need this to continue as it really helps the children.

PLEASE CHECK YOUR CHILD'S HAIR FOR HEAD LICE. If everybody does it, it makes a difference. Using a nit comb before rinsing conditioner out is the best way to remove the little pests and stop more eggs being laid.  As a parent of two girls with long hair, I know it's a pain, but it's our duty as parents to keep checking, keep checking, keep checking.

We have been concentrating on the British Values of Respect, Responsibility, Law, Liberty, Democracy and Tolerance, using them in real life situations all the time. 

Please feel free to pop in any time after school if you want a chat or I can plan a specific appointment time if necessary.  My email address, should you need it, is





1. Homework - Learning journal activity, hand in on Tuesdays.  MA book, hand in on Thursdays. Please mark the MA book. Spellings will be tested on Friday. Please write in the planner when you hear your child read EVERY DAY. It's still only almost half the class who are being heard read.  Thank you to those who are reading with your child - you are making a huge difference, thank you!  Some more WW2 planes would be amazing if you fancy a half term project.  There are some brilliant ones on display already if you want some inspiration. 

2. PLEASE help your child learn their times tables, they are vital for that rapid recall that speeds up their calculations.  Please help your child memorise ALL the times tables. Times Table Rockstars are now up and running, and your child will know that their login details are stuck in the front cover of their planner. I am encouraging children to help themselves to the multiplication and division column sheets to help them learn a particular times table and for extra practice.  The TImes Table Rockstars are brilliant IF you know your times tables!  We do them daily, but every little bit helps.


The unit journey, detailing the finer points of decinals, our next topic, we will be covering, is online in the Parent's Letters section of the website. This week, we will be re-visiting multiplication and division.   There will also be assessment opportunities as SATs are fast approaching.

Learning all the times tables and division tables is absolutely crucial now, please help your child, it makes an incredible difference to their confidence as well as learning.

Please mark the MA book with your child - so much valuable learning is done through working through mistakes. 

Times Table Rockstars are now up and running, I hope you are helping your child access this excellent resource.


More grammar, puntuation, spelling and reading comprehension, especially as we see SATs looming in the near distance.  We will be concentrating on spelling strategies this week, as well as writing linked to our World War II topic.

We are continuing the Year 4 spelling programme which is going well and concentrate on spellings in every piece of writing.  We will be continuing handwriting practice as it is very important their wonderful joined up handwriting continues to improve as their style develops.  We are really concentrating on homophones. Hopefully those children who always write neatly with joined up handwriting will be eligible for a pen licence.  Daily reading is expected, please write to confirm you have heard your child read in their planner (I am happy if they write in it). House points are given daily to those who have confirmed reading in their planners, as well as a special star stamp from Mrs Clowes for those who read and write in their planner. Ten star stamps and a treat is awarded by Mrs Clowes.


We will look at the role of women during the war, and continue watching Carrie's War.




Our ECOLOGY unit for Spring Term, with a focus on data analysis is mainly biology based this term. The science skill practised this term is analysing data.


If you are reading this, thank you, please write in the planner "yay, we love science!" and ten house points can go up.  If you're in Finchcocks, keep reading these every week as we really need the housepoints!


Our question for this term is "What does it mean to be a Hindu in Britain today?" and we will continue to learn about Hindu duties and responsibilities, and why did some Hindus decide to settle in Britain.


Lots of the daily Mile Run and activate sessions, as well as specific breathing exercises.  We will also be learning more games skills, in particular the working together aspect plus ball skills.

Please make sure your child has a full PE kit - no PE kit, no PE.  No trainers, no Mile Run. No swim kit, no swimming. This is often due to children going home with their PE kit on after a club - please encourage your child to change back into their school uniform after a club and leave their PE kit on their peg.  They are responsible for it. Mrs Mileham and I do not allow children to lend PE kits to other children, including siblings in an effort to try and help children to be responsible for their PE kit. 

As part of our outdoor learning philosophy, children are required to have wellies (that fit!) and waterproof trousers in school every day.  PLEASE MAKE SURE ALL CLOTHING IS NAMED! I'm afraid 'sniffing' the clothes is not a full guarantee of successful ownership!  We tried sorting the wellies out last week and we have a lot of spare and unnamed wellies.



Singing this term.


The Classroom is our unit this half term.


1.  Reading - every day.  Don't forget to ensure the planner is written in - otherwise I will not know you are hearing your child read.

2.  MA - one page. Please mark.

3.  Learning Journal - see the information in the actual learning journal, there is a new set of suggestions for this term.  It outlines the variety of homework pieces your child can choose from to do once a week. 

4.  Spellings - see their planners.

5. Multiplication tables. It will be like Year 3, a column to complete every day.  We are practising our tables every day although they need to be learnt well enough to be repeated quickly and accurately. If your child is unable to recite the times tables, then this is the sheet for them. It makes a phenominal difference to their maths understanding if they know their times tables.  Times Tables Rockstars are up and running so could be used if your child is confident with times tables.  The children have been shown how to get a new sheet themselves so that they are responsible for their time tables homework.  So far, it's working really well for those who are keen to excell in their times tables.


Drawing and sketching perspectives.


Our topic this term is health and well being, we will learn about managing sadness.