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week commencing 13 November 2017

Class 4 Giraffes
For week beginning: 12th November 2017

PLEASE CHECK YOUR CHILD'S HAIR FOR HEAD LICE. If everybody does it, it makes a difference.

We have been concentrating on the British Values of Respect, Responsibility, Law, Liberty, Democracy and Tolerance. 

Please feel free to pop in any time after school if you want a chat or I can plan a specific appointment time if necessary.  My email address, should you need it, is

I am also pleased to say we have a parent helping me hear the children read which is a blessing.  If you would like to help in the class with reading or even displays, photocopying, collating, and other jobs that I often have on the go, please come and see me!  It doesn't have to be regular but an hour here or there if you are free would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.


1. Homework - Learning journal activity, hand in on Tuesdays.  MA book, hand in on Thursdays.  Spellings (week 8 to be learnt this week for test on Friday 10 November. Please write in the planner when you hear your child read EVERY DAY. Only half the class are being heard read.  Thank you to those who are reading this! 

2.  Miss Limbu will be increasing her teaching from this week which is great for the children on many levels: they will see even more learning in action as Miss Limbu teaches me a thing or two! She is very enthusiastic and has some wonderful learning ideas.  She is also going to be present at the Parent Consultation evenings this week as an observer, please let me know if you would rather she was not at your appointmnent.

3. PLEASE HEAR YOUR CHILD READ EVERY DAY, IT MAKES A DIFFERENCE!  Times tables are also vital for that rapid recall that speeds up their calculations.  Please help your child memorise ALL the times tables. Times Table Rockstars will be up and running asap.


This week we will be learning about multiplication with 2 digit numbers as well as solving word problems and reasoning. Learning all the times tables and division tables is absolutely crucial now, please help your child, it makes an incredible difference to their confidence as well as learning. Details of the maths learning journey are on the 'how to help your child at home' section. Times Table Rockstars are now up and running, I hope you are helping your child access this excellent resource.


We will spend time this week on learning more about Pompeii, connecting English and History and Geography succinctly! We are continuing the Year 4 spelling programme which is going well and concentrate on spellings in every piece of writing. We will be continuing handwriting practice as it is very important their wonderful joined up handwriting continues to improve as their style develops. Hopefully those children who always write neatly with joined up handwriting will be eligible for a pen licence.  Daily reading is expected, please write to confirm you have heard your child read in their planner (I am happy if they write in it). House points are given daily to those who have confirmed reading in their planners. 


We will be learning about the significance of Pompeii and the geography of volcanoes.


This term we will be studying physics, specifically Electricity.  We will be learning more about circuits and will be designing and making some important equipment for the home that involves electricity.


Our question for this term is "What is the Trinity?"  We have built on what we learnt in Year 3 and are 'digging deeper' with our learning about the Trinity.  We have started investigating what the Gospels say about the Birth of Jesus - very interesting reading. This week, we will investigate Christmas carols linking them to John 1 and his account of Jesus' birth.


We will be doing some Cross Country running and invasion games.  Please make sure you have full PE kit - no PE kit, no PE.  No trainers, no Mile Run. This is often due to children going home with their PE kit on after a club - please encourage your child to change back into their school uniform after a club and leave their PE kit on their peg.  They are responsible for it.



This will be led by Mrs Mileham on a Tuesday morning while I have specific planned time for planning, preparation and assessment. Ukuleles at the ready!


This week we will be learning more about how to say where you live. We will also recap on previous learning, especially numbers to 20.


1.  Reading - every day.  Don't forget to ensure the planner is written in - otherwise I will presume you are not hearing your child read.

2.  MA - one page.

3.  Learning Journal - see the information in the actual book.  It outlines the variety of homework pieces your child can choose from to do once a week.

4.  Spellings - see their planners.

5. Multiplication tables. It will be like Year 3, a column to complete every day.  We are practising our tables every day although they need to be learnt well enough to be repeated quickly and accurately.  It makes a phenominal difference to their maths understanding if they know their times tables.  Times Tables Rockstars will be up and running soon.


Art skills linked to volcanoes this week.


Our topic this term is health and well being.  We have learnt about keeping ourselves clean and this week we will begin to reflect on our strengths and celebrate our achievements.