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Week commencing 29th January 2018

Class 3 Leopards
For week beginning: 28th January 2018

Events this week:

Tuesday: Swimming 




This week we will be learning about:

mental division

adding money

subracting money

money word problems


This week we will be learning:

words with the 'sh' sound spelt ss (ion / ure)

present perfect verbs in contrast to past tense.

when and where to use apostrohpes in contraction and possession


We will be looking at solvents, and finding our which solvent is the most effective at removing nail varnish.


We will be learning about infant and adult baptism, and the promices that people make.


This term we will be doing swimming on a Tuesday afternoon, and cricket.


Homework: Given out on Wednesday 31st January, returned Monday 5th February:

Maths:  Section 2, Test 4

Topic: This week we learnt about Georges Seurat and pointillism. Create your own pointillism picture.

Spellings: Week 4 list.


This week we will be learning about our local area, Kilndown. We will be creatng a map, using google maps and google earth to help us investigate the area.


We will be learning about Georges Seurat and pointilism.


We will be learning the French words for different animals, and writing sentences to include the phrase 'Je suis' (I am)


We will be learning Bob Marley's song 'Three little birds' and working on rhythm and pitch


We will begin our Computing this term by looking at basic animation programs.