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Week commencing 19th June 2018

Class 3 Leopards
For week beginning: 19th June 2018

Events This week:

Monday: Whole school photo

Wednesday: Egyptian Theme day- please come in Egyptian clothes for a fantastic day of hands-on learning and fun!

Thursday: Ashford music afternoon

Friday: INSET day



We will be going to Maidstone Museum on Wednesday 27th June  - if any parents are free to accompany us, please let Mrs Wyatt know, we need 2 adult helpers. Thank you.


This week, we will be learning about

Right angles, and recognising which angles are more or less than a right angle

vertical, horizontal, parallel and perpendicular lines



This week we will be learning about:

The short 'u' sound spelt 'ou' eg. trouble, double



We will be learning about how the Gurdwara is the heart of the Sikh community


This term we will be doing athletics and rounders. 


Homework: Given out on Wednesday 20th June, returned Monday 25th June:

Maths:  Section 3,  Test 5

Topic: This week, I’d like you to practice reading a clock. Record the time you started an activity, what time you finished and then how long it took. Do this a few times.

Spellings: Week 5 list.


We will be block painting using our Egyptian designs from last week.



We will be continuing our learning on the topic of 'I can', learning how to say 'Je peux' + an activity. eg. regarder, boire, sauter, danser.


We will be continuing our new topic 'reflect, rewind, replay' and learning the songs for the KS2 production

History and Geography

This week we will be learning about the stages of the mummification process.


We will be practicing our typing skills, and creating a script for an advert for a radio broadcast.


We will be learning about the 'explanation' genre and beginning to think about how to explain the process of making an Egyptian Mummy.