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Week commencing 19th March 2018

Class 3 Leopards
For week beginning: 18th March 2018

Events this week:

Tuesday: Swimming 

Friday: Sports Relief - children come into school wearing their favourite sports kit. 



This week, we will be learning how to

solve word problems using length, mass and volume - one step word problems

solve word problems using length, mass and volume - two step word problems

Reading bar charts

Drawing bar charts


This week we will be learning:

apostrophes for contraction (can't don't you'll etc.)

apostrophes for possession

Words with the /k/ sound spelt 'ch'


We will be learning about the Easter story and thinking about Mary's feelings throughout Holy Week.


This term we will be doing swimming on a Tuesday afternoon, and cricket.


Homework: Given out on Wednesday 21st March, returned Monday 26th March:  

Maths:  Section 2,  Test 8

Topic: Find some different sized containers around the house (shampoo bottles, tins, yoghurt pots etc) and make a bar chart showing their different volumes.

Spellings: Week 8 list.


We will be creating artworks based on the Easter Story


We will be learning the French words for different instruments, and using the phrase 'je joue'.


We will be learning the song 'Dragon song'


This week, we'll be learning about the Water cycle and imagining what it would be like for a drop of water on its journey throughout the water cycle.


We will be practicing our typing skills, and writing a story (including pictures and sounds) on a raindrop's journey through the water cycle.


This week we will be learning about expanded noun phrases, prepositions, and inverted commas.

We will also be writing a character description of 'Uncle P' from the Hodgeheg and beginning to write a dialogue.