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Week commencing 14th May 2018

Class 3 Leopards
For week beginning: 13th May 2018

Events this week:


Thursday: Outdoor classroom day. Each class will be making even more of an effort do so some of their learning outside today.

Friday: Greg Clarke, our MP will be coming to the school today to open our outdoor classroom, known as 'The Hide'.



This week, we will be learning how to

know the number of seconds in a minute and the number of days in each month, year and leap year

convert between hours and minutes and problem solve.

find the duration of events by adding or taking away hours and minutes


This week we will be learning:

about the suffix ly

about the apostrophe for single possession

using the short 'i' sound eg. pyramid, women, build

different types of conjunction


We will be learning about the story of Pentacost.


This term we will be creating our own games, and doing cricket


Homework: Given out on Wednesday 16th May, returned Monday 21st May:

Maths:  Section 3,  Test 1

Topic: How many words with the suffixes ‘tion’ or ‘ous’ can you think of? Housepoints for the really interesting ones!

Spellings: Week 1 list.


We will be completing our papier mache masks, and using paint to create our designs.



We will be revising all of the vocabulary learnt this term, and creating a mind map of the story of little red riding hood.


We will be learning the song 'Bringing us together'

History and Geography

This week we will be learning about hieroglyphics.


We will be practicing our typing skills, and creating a script for an advert for a radio broadcast.


We will be learning about persuasive language and writing a persuasive letter.