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Week commencing 5th February 2018

Class 3 Leopards
For week beginning: 4th February 2018

Events this week:

Tuesday: Swimming 

Wednesday: Ash Wednesday service at St. Mary's church at 9:15am. If any parents would like to join us, please do.

Friday: Year 3 Cake sale.


and to anyone that attends coding club - unfortunately it is cancelled this week.


This week we will be revising what we have learnt so far this term.


This week we will be learning:

words with the 'sh' sound spelt ss (ion / ure)

present perfect verbs in contrast to past tense.

when and where to use apostrohpes in contraction and possession

How and when to use inverted commas


We will be looking at separating materials, in particular, separating solutes using chromatography.


We will be learning about infant and adult baptism, and the promices that people make.


This term we will be doing swimming on a Tuesday afternoon, and cricket.



During the half term, please use these two websites to practice spellings and times tables.


Times tables:


We will be learning about Georges Seurat and pointilism.


We will be learning the French words for different animals, and writing sentences to include the phrase 'Je suis' (I am)


We will be learning Bob Marley's song 'Three little birds' and working on rhythm and pitch


We will begin our Computing this term by looking at basic animation programs.