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Week commencing 4th June 2018

Class 3 Leopards
For week beginning: 3rd June 2018

This week, we will be learning about

Right angles, and recognising which angles are more or less than a right angle

vertical, horizontal, parallel and perpendicular lines



This week we will be revising things we have learned this year

sion and tion words that sound like 'shun'

changing verbs from present tense to past tense eg. walk-> walked

'ous' ending that sounds like 'us'

verbs, nouns, adjectives, adverbs, prepostion


We will be learning about how Sikhs celebrate important occasions. 


This term we will be doing athletics and rounders. We will also be doing tennis on Friday afternoons.


Homework: Given out on Wednesday 6th June, returned Monday 11th June:

Maths:  Section 3,  Test 3

Topic: Write a conversation between two characters from your favourite book, TV show or movie. Remember to include inverted commas (speech marks)

Spellings: Week 3 list.


We will be designing Ancient Egyptian shabti figurines and making them out of clay.



We will be starting our new topic 'I can'


We will be starting our new topic 'reflect, rewind, replay'

History and Geography

This week we will be learning about Ancient Egyptian funerary rites, including learning about canopic jars and shabti.


We will be practicing our typing skills, and creating a script for an advert for a radio broadcast.


We will be practicing our reading comprehension skills including:

retrieving information from a text

understanding vocabulary in context

making inferences from a text

We will also be practicing using inverted commas in speech and using the subordinate clause to extend a sentence.